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purple puff:
I for one agree, let the skill of the ladies decide the outcome of these tournament games.  The idea of refs watching a video of the games they call is a good one.  Hopefully only the most impartial refs of the OAC will ref these tournament games.  Good Luck to all the teams!

Sorry Babs, but the last person's judgement I would want to hear would be a parent. I can't think of a more biased view. You didn't state any particular team so I assume your comment was directed at everyone who plays yours. I seen alot of Mount home games over the years and a few away pre-conf tournament games.I would agree that the refs leave alot to be desired but that's a part of the game, like it or not. One night you might benefit, the next not. It shouldn't be that way but its the reality of any game overseen by humans.

Babs Field:
Wow!   Sorry I said anything!   I forgot this was a one-man show!   I guess you were happier when you were the only one speaking.   Some parents can't see the forest for the trees, but like it or not, a great many of them are very capable of seeing fouls be it from their own team or the opposing team.   And, there are a lot of us who just enjoy sports!  Your "Like it or not" comment is why the refs don't improve.   It's not a part of the game when they blatantly try to decide the outcome.   You only get what you expect and what you settle for.   I'm saying that anyone who is interested in bball, and the well being of the athletes playing it, should expect more from people who are doing a job. Raise the bar!  Remember, they ARE getting paid for this!   Most people (maybe not you JDEAN) would be fired for messing up so much.  
And, by the way, I didn't direct my comments at any team.   Teams don't call the game, those guys in the stripes do.  I directed my comments at the officials!  I'm sure any athlete wants to be judged on a level playing field, given the same opportunities to exceed as everyone else.  Bad officiating takes that opportunity away when one team has to 'dance to a different tune' than the other team.  
And, purplepuff, thanks for the agreement.   I add my voice to yours in wishing all the ladies a super tournament season, to be decided on the skills of the players, not by the officials.

Well Babs, are those blind refs still trying to fix the games? Did you get their names to refer them to the FBI?

Looks like BW men and women rule OAC b-ball this year. The OAC men will probably get 2 teams in the NCAA. Will Wilmington get an at-large bid?


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