Author Topic: Triple Crown?  (Read 3310 times)

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Triple Crown?
« on: April 22, 2009, 02:35:36 pm »
This was brought up on another board... figured someone here would know. Has DIII ever produced a triple crown winner?

My first thought was Oshkosh's Tim Jorgenson in 1995, but I think he lost the title on the avg category.
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Re: Triple Crown?
« Reply #1 on: April 22, 2009, 11:24:35 pm »
I also posted this on another thread, but this is what I found on the NCAA statistics archives:

Just went through the archives (admittedly rather quickly) and couldn't find anyone that did it. Here are some guys that came close though:
1990- Brian Mercado, ECSU
1st HR's, 1st RBI's, 11th BA
1998- Matt Daly, Ferrum
1st HR's, 1st RBI's, 6th BA
2001- Steve Osborne, St Joe's (ME)
1st HR's, 2nd RBI's, 8th BA
2002- Toddy Meyer, Alvernia
1st HR's, 1st RBI's, 2nd BA
also, last year Derek David of McMurray led the nation in HR's and RBI's but finished 49th in BA.
So it hasn't been done in D3 as far back as the records go, but that's only 1989.

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