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The SCAC will start their official conference play this weekend at Trinity University when they host the SCAC West/Central Divisional.  Currently Colorado College, Austin College, Southwestern and Trinity are all ranked in the top 25.  Should be a great weekend of volleyball.

Some 3-4 years ago, WLC played Colorado College in a non-conference meet-CC won;

Re this weekend's meet-should those ranked teams play each other early, something will have to give.

Noticed off Trinity-TX website that CC took Trinity to 4 before losing and Southwestern swept Austin--

Appears Colorado College (SCAC 7-1) is making an in-conference statement. Austin (7-2) has slipped a bit, Southwestern (8-0) is still on top in SCAC

Centre-Colorado College just underway in 2nd SCAC Divisional weekend action as I post:

Developing. . .


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