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I'm just saying...hard to believe that there isn't even a thread for this conference.  They do have two teams in the dance, one of them hosting.

Pat Coleman:
Maybe it will stay alive this time. I think it got eliminated in some automated purge years ago because it hadn't been posted on in 12 months, and never came back.

Well, that was fun.

See ya next year!

Go Saints:
Just want to give a shout out the to Thomas More Saints and their senior class of Jill Brunsman, Katie Kitchen, and Allison Long.  These 3 girls have done some incredible things these last four years and are looking to end their careers with a bang.  Hope all goes well for you ladies and that you have a successful run in the NCAA tourney. 

Just a few stats from this class:

4 year combined record of 108-11
Four straight conference regular season and tournament championships. 
4 year conference record of 60-2 and undefeated at home in the conference. 

Way to go ladies.  Keep up the hard work and here's hoping to a successful tournament run. 

Pat Coleman:
Thanks for coming in and posting! Hopefully we can get a PAC conversation going, although there are schools in this conference who barely know we exist.


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