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Jim Dixon:
On Monday October 11, D3baseball.com will release the 2000 All-Decade team.  Our crack staff has been looking at players all summer and are finalizing the list now.

Who do you think should be included?

Jim Dixon:
To be included in the All-Decade list, we required that each player play at least 2 years in in the decade (2000-2009).  The decade's first Player of the Year, Matt Gelotti did not qualify but will be considered when we do a 1990's team.

We also will chose a coach of the decade to go with a player at each position.  We allowed 4-5 pitchers/team.

Off top of my head, a pitcher from USA-South to be considered:

- Kenny Moreland (CNU)

Anyone on position guys from USA-South from 2000-2009?

Here are 2 below that should be considered. Chapman went to 8 NCAA DIII Championship Rounds and missed the playoff round only once in the 2000's decade

2003-07 Chapman RHP Devin Drag D3 Pitcher of the Year
APP 68 IP 261 ERA 1.79 W/L 30-2 Saves 10 SO 240

2006-08 Chapman RHP/INF Kurt Yacko D3 Player of the year
APP 56 IP 154 ERA 1.22  W/L 12-1 Saves 26  SO 190
GAMES 139 AVG .343 SLG .539 Hits 194 HR 18 RBI 108

SOURCE http://web1.ncaa.org/stats/StatsSrv/careersearch?searchSport=MBA

Jim Dixon:

--- Quote from: USA-South_Fan on October 02, 2010, 11:36:43 pm ---Off top of my head, a pitcher from USA-South to be consider:

- Kenny Moreland (CNU)

--- End quote ---

Moreland, Jimmy Dougher, and Jeremiah Bayer were D3baseball.com pitchers of the year.


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