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2010 D3 Volleyball Tournament Regionals

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--- Quote from: WLCALUM83 on November 14, 2010, 08:08:16 am ---...that "crowd of one" can always pass for "sitting room only" when its' in front of a home computer-- you could even do "the wave" and the world wouldn't notice!   

--- End quote ---

My wife gets excited this time of year, but the live stats were not enough to keep her attention.  And, my cat, who likes to lay on the keyboard, did make it through the first set or so.

Teams that will be joining Calvin in next weekend's championship round:

Carthage Regional Champs:  Washington-MO
St. Thomas-MN:  Regional hosts won out
New York U Regional:  Stevens took the hosts to 5, but NYU pulled it out.
Chris. Newport Champs:  Randolph-Macon takes it to 5 but CNU winsS
Frostburg State Regional Champs:  Juniata
Emory Regional Winners:  Cal Lutheran takes the hosts to 5, until Emory knocks them off.
Springfield-MA Regional Champ:  U-Mass Boston (this final also was a 5-setter)


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