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Re: BB: General Mid-East Region talk
« Reply #45 on: May 07, 2012, 11:04:58 am »
motorman, I know where you are coming from, and I'm likely wrong.  The only reason I see wooster in the rankings is because they have already qualified for the regional with their victory.  Their wins against DePauw and Marietta will help them.  Montclair State is out of region, and won't help either 'Berg or Marietta (who won three games of 4 from Montclair State).  The win over Adrian is a quality win for 'Berg.  Here are their resume's

W-L: 25-15
Region Win %: .618
SOS:  .530
RPI:  .552
WIns vs. Ranked teams in Region:  2-3 (Wins: Mount Union, Adrian, Losses: Marietta-2, Mount Union)

W-L: 27-16
Region win Pct: .618
SOS: .531
RPI: .553
Wins vs. Ranked teams in Region:  3-2 (Wins: Marietta, DePauw-2, Losses: Marietta, DePauw)

RPI top to bottom for the Mideast Region.

Marietta   .861   .546   .625   ME   OAC   A
Washington and Jefferson   .829   .525   .601   ME   PRAC   A
Adrian   .806   .495   .573   ME   MIAA   A
DePauw   .732   .515   .569   ME   NCAC   C
Mount Union   .676   .530   .567   ME   OAC   C
Case Western Reserve   .625   .535   .558   ME   UAA   C
Franklin   .759   .488   .556   ME   HCAC   A
Rose-Hulman   .690   .508   .554   ME   HCAC   C
Wooster   .618   .531   .553   ME   NCAC   A
Heidelberg   .618   .530   .552   ME   OAC   C

The difference in RPI from CWRU (#6) to 'Berg is .006. 

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Re: BB: General Mid-East Region talk
« Reply #46 on: May 08, 2012, 10:30:36 pm »
From the "Pool C" Prediction thread in National Topics, with TONS of credit to poster JohnnyU for providing the data and comments from others for corrections to the data.....

Assuming the Top rated RPI teams WIN the Pool A bid and the top two RPI's amongst pool B teams are the Pool B teams, here is a list of the top 25 remaining RPI's for the Pool C candidates;

   Team   Region   Conf   RPI
1   Trinity   NE   NESCAC   .620
2   Johns Hopkins   MA   CC   .619
3   Ramapo   MA   NJAC   .618
4   Bowdoin   NE   NESCAC   .615
5   E. Conn St.   NE   LEC   .610
6   Concordia (Ill)   MW   NATH   .605
7   UW- La Crosse   MW   WIAC   .595
8   Trinity (TX)   W   SCAC   .593
9   Kean   MA   NJAC   .592
10   Shenandoah   S   USAC   .588
11   Neuman   MA   CSAC   .587
12   Whitworth   W   NWC   .582
13   DeSales   MA   MACF   .578
14   St. John's   MW   MIAC   .575
15   UW- Whitewater   MW   WIAC   .574
16   Mount Union   ME   OAC   .570
17   Chicago   c   IND   .569
18   Pac Lutheran   W   NWC   .564
19   IWU   C   CCIW   .559
20   Catholic   S   Land   .559
21   Rowan   MA   NJAC   .557
22   St. John Fisher   NY   E8   .556
23   Coe   C   IIAC   .554
24   Baldwin Wallace   ME   OAC   .554
25   Mass-Boston   NE   LEC   .552
26   North Central (Ill)   C   CCIW   .552
27   Southern Maine   NE   LEC   .550
28   Rose Hulman   ME   HCAC   .547
29   Rhodes   S   SCAC   .547
30   Texas-Dallas   W   ASC   .546

Mount Union is squarely on the bubble right now.  BW and RHIT have some work to do to improve the resume.  None can afford another loss in the regular season without hurting their chances at an at large bid. 

I would guess a team or two from the Mid Atlantic region would be headed this direction, particularly if it is an 8 team tournament.  It would not be out of the question to see someone head in from the Central or Midwest if it is an 8 team tournament as well. 

Candidates to come in would be within 500 miles according to past practices and could include:  Shenendoah, Johns Hopkins, Neumann (PA), Rowan (499 miles), DeSales (PA), Concordia, ILL.
I want to caution readers that the other primary criteria not seen in this table are wins against regionally ranked opponents, wins against common in-region opponents and head-to-head.  There is no priority given to any of the 6 primary criteria.

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Re: BB: General Mid-East Region talk
« Reply #47 on: May 09, 2012, 08:56:02 am »
Thanks for the regional RPI data EttaFan. I was curious how the region stacked up. Berg also has won 2 of 3 from Case, although I know they aren't ranked. The case I was trying to make was how similar they were in most of the criteria, I thought it should come down to the head to head game to determine who is higher in the regional rankings.

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Re: BB: General Mid-East Region talk
« Reply #48 on: May 09, 2012, 09:18:18 am »
To me, the bottom line for Wooster is they will be in the regional as a pool A (and likely by default ranked somewhere for seeding purposes) where everyone else is vying for a spot.  Had DePauw won the NCAC, Wooster wouldn't even be in the discussion as a Pool C bid would be next to impossible with their resume. 

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Re: BB: General Mid-East Region talk
« Reply #49 on: May 11, 2012, 02:45:27 pm »
Right now, Wooster (NCAC) and Adrian (MIAA) have qualifid for the NCAA tournament.

DePauw (NCAC) sits and waits to see what their fate will be with the Pool C selection process.

Marietta is "looking good" having advanced to the championship game in tomorrows OAC Touranment.

Mount Union (#5 in Region) was eliminated.

Manchester sits in the "cat bird's seat" having won the first two games of the HCAC.  They are the #4 seed in that conference. 

Both Rose Hulman (#6 in region) and Franklin (#7 in the region) were eliminated. Anderson, previously ranked in the region, must win two today.

Top Seed Washington and Jefferson (#2 in the region) was upset in the opening round of the PrAC tournament.  Second seed, Westminster, is in the championship game having won the winners bracket. W&J must win twice to secure the pool a bid.

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Re: BB: General Mid-East Region talk
« Reply #50 on: May 12, 2012, 04:10:12 pm »
Thanks for the update.

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Re: BB: General Mid-East Region talk
« Reply #51 on: May 12, 2012, 04:31:10 pm »
All tournaments are in the books.

Ncac:  Wooster.  Pool c candidates: DePauw
Oac:  Marietta. Pool c candidates: Mount Union
PrAC:  Westminster. Pool C candidates:  Washington and Jefferson.
MIAA:  Adrian. Pool C candidates: none.
Heartland: Manchester  Pool c candidates:  Franklin and Rose Hulman are in the latest regional rankings.

Of these teams I think the only pool c bid will go to W&J,  I predict they will end up as the 3 seed in the region

Here is my prediction for the Marietta regional

1.  Marietta
2. Adrian W&J
3. W&J Adrian
4.  Alvernia (Mid-Atlanic)/Shenendoah (south) St. John Fisher (New York)
5.  Wooster Westminster
6.  Manchester Wooster
7.  La Roche Manchester
8.  Westminster La Roche

Game 1, 9:30 AM: St. John Fisher vs. Westminster.  Don't know much abut St. John Fisher aside from a quick glance at their website.  They have a strong pitching staff (3.36 ERA, .340 team batting average).  It looks like they have two good starters (D'Amato 10-0, 1.83 ERA; Johnson 5-2, 2.67 ERA) and plenty of guys who can swing it (26 Home Runs as a team).  Westminster is also a team who is not well known.  They have a team ERA of 3.04 and is hitting .307 as a team.  They are led on the hill by Prejsnar (7-1, 1.48 ERA) and Mulligan (6-2, 3.08 ERA).

Game 2, 1:00 PM:  Marietta vs. La Roche--Split the meeting a little over a week ago. Marietta won game one 1-0 in extra innings, and La Roche won game 2 7-3.

Game 3, 4:30 PM:  Adrian vs. Wooster — Wooster got a little hot down the stretch, starting with the win of a coin flip.  Then they went on to upset DePauw in the first game of the NCAC and made it count, winning the pool A bid.  However, Wooster hasn't played an actual game in a while.  Adrian stomped its way through the MIAA, plus they have one of the regions top pitching staffs.

Game 4, 8:30 PM: W&J vs. Manchester—In one of the big stunners over the weekend, W&J lost in their first game in the PrAC tourney and were unabe to battle through the losers bracket.  Machester on the other hand, got hot.  They entered the HCAC tournament as the #4 seed and won it.  Could be a dangerous game for the Presidents.

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