Author Topic: Trading D3 Paraphernalia  (Read 3440 times)

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Trading D3 Paraphernalia
« on: October 14, 2011, 04:19:57 pm »
I've started up a collection of different D3 school paraphernalia and I would love to expand my collection, but it's not easy.

I have a sports bar theme going in basement, and I thought it would be cool to add a few shelves to display different "stuff" from different D3 schools around the country. My ultimate goal (as impossible as it may seem) is to collect something from each D3 school out there

Obviously, there's no way in my lifetime I'm going to make it every D3 school. So I thought it would be a good idea to setup a thread where we can arrange for items to possibly be traded, if anyone wishes to do so. So, If anyone is interested, I would be open to trading a UWW key chain for a (insert DIII school here) key chain, or whatever sort of little trinket you might have. Also, it doesn't have to be sports related, anything with the school's logo or name on it will suffice.

Possible items (but not limited too): hats, key chains, pins, pennants, mugs, pint glass, anything really...

So, if anyone has anyone interest in doing something like that, by all means, post something here....or send me a PM.

Much appreciated.