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Ron Boerger:
Given that there are some topics being discussed on the SCAC board that pertain solely to the new SAA (potential teams, etc.) it seemed a good time to actually create a board for that discussion.

There's not a huge amount of actually 2011 SCAC football-related discussion going on on the SCAC board, but it still might be nice to keep the two topics (and conferences) separate. 

Pat will no doubt merge or delete this if he disagrees.   ;D

OK... so to kick things off over here (and assuming Pat doesn't merge us back in  ;) )...

The discussion in the SCAC board about Berry adding football mentioned that OU is considering restarting football.   What's people about how serious the discussions have been?   OU put a bunch of money into converting their stadium into a baseball field so I wonder if they would undo that if they restarted their program?

Ralph Turner:
Hendrix plans to start football, but that decision has been postponed so many times.  I wonder if it will take the pressure of a new conference to force the issue.

Pat Coleman:
Hendrix is official for 2013.

Ron Boerger:

--- Quote from: Pat Coleman on October 25, 2011, 05:15:28 pm ---Hendrix is official for 2013.

--- End quote ---

Hendrix saying such:

One such media story from last summer:


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