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Nescac All League 2011
« on: October 26, 2011, 01:28:54 am »
thought i'd spice things up and cause lots of arguments w/ this topic.  we all know all league nescac is bs.  like midd had 4 first teamers and 2 second teamers last year.  with 6 all league players, record was only 6-3.  seward's a better coach than that, so what gives? 

i start from scratch.  none of the keep the guy who was on the team last year.  many of these guys never seen on any all nescac before (1st or 2nd).  for me, just the facts m'am. 

reason wes and amh way out ahead of all other teams teams this yr is they have best players.  shld show on all nescac teams.  so, here's my take.  moving front to back.  going w/ 3 forwards, 4 mids, 3 defs, and keeper. 

3 forwards -- all pretty obvious.  1. amh noon needs no explanation.  think he's been high scorer in league over last 3 seasons.  he's tough, smart, crafty, and knows how to score.  my choice for player of year.  2. 3 trin mayernick has been most responsible for team's success.  he's tough, strong, and knows what he's supposed to do.  difficult to defend w/ wide body, good quickness, and skill.  great competitor.  3. amh heo is probably most skilled.  most difficult to defend one-on-one, and has great touch and power.  seems to have worn down a bit lately.  hope he recovers from whatever injury he has.

4 mids -- 1. amh tasimpe is the best.  one earlier post said he looks like man playing against boys.  very true, and just as true last year, but totally passed over by nescac.  how'd he get lost?  if noon not player of year, tasimpe might be.  2. wes o'neil.  has led team offensively and done great job clogging the middle to relieve def.  sees field great.  all you ever want in middie.  3. colby meisel wld shine even more on better team.  leads nescac in assists.  very versatile. plays under control.  4. tufts santos is terrific.  has taken the league by storm.  does everything. scores, is  playmaker, and gives defs fits.  great with ball.  so much fun to watch.  no question rookie-of-year.         

3 defs -- lots of good ones, but a few stand out. 1. bowd outside eldridge (overshadowed last yr w/ all gah-gah to bishop, nichols, brewster).  doesn't get beat & advances ball as well as any outsider.  sometimes is like 3rd forward.  bright spot in bowd's cruddy season.  2. amh kaplan has been among best for three seasons.  not flashy, but aggressive, great in air, runs show, scary range on free kicks, & has shut down every striker in league.   3. wes lewin.  again, not flashy, but focused & just plain gets job done.  uses big body very well, is quick & agile w/ very good ball skills.  also has shut done all thrown at him. 

1 keeper -- purdy, but amh kovacs & conn shoneberg much closer behind than most others think.

Got 4 amh, 3 wes, 1 trin, 1 tufts, 1 bowd, 1 colby.  oh yeah.  coach-of-the-year -- amh serpone.  loses 3 all league players and starting def, and has better record in league and overall this yr.  msut be doing something right. 

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Re: Nescac All League 2011
« Reply #1 on: October 26, 2011, 08:44:11 am »
D- Rataczak
D- Vesteguard
M- Pugliese
M- Tsatsimpe
F- Heo

POY-3 way tie...Rataczak, Purdy, Tsatsimpe



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Re: Nescac All League 2011
« Reply #2 on: October 26, 2011, 09:22:34 am »
Ratajchek has not been the same player since that concussion and hasnt even been the best defender on his own team. Vestegaard I agree. Pugliese no way. The others I agree not sure on rodriguez and I would add Meisel and Kaplan

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Re: Nescac All League 2011
« Reply #3 on: October 27, 2011, 12:21:45 am »
can't agree on bishop. i can't see center back on 1st team whose team gave up 15 goals in 10 league games (tied for 2nd most).  could go w/ vestergard.  only saw him play once this season.  was very solid.  eldridge was flyby pick. saw him in first game v. wes. was real impressed. a friend saw him in another game and said same thing.  but i think vestergard is probably better choice.  really, how can you guys look by noon?  leads nescac in scoring, and has more points in last 3 years than anyone else in league (pretty sure).

my final choices - 

forwards - amh noon (poy), trin mayernick, amh heo

mids - wes o'neil, tufts santos (roy), amh tasimpe, colby meisel

defs - wes lewin, amh kaplan, wms vestergard

k - wes purdy