Author Topic: Study: D3 student-athlete graduation rate significantly higher than student body  (Read 2379 times)

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Not a big surprise, except perhaps the size of discrepancy:

Quote from: article
The aggregate graduation rate among the D3 athletes was 86 percent, while the graduation rate for all students was only 62 percent. That is, the varsity athletes graduated at a rate nearly 40 percent higher than the overall average. For male student-athletes the graduation rate was 81 percent, while the rate for all men was 58 percent. Women out-performed men, with female student-athletes graduating at a rate of 92 percent versus a 65 percent graduation rate for all females.

The results were impressive even in the high-profile D3 sports. Among schools with football programs, the graduation rate for student-athletes was 74 percent compared with 52 percent for all male students. In men's basketball, student-athletes outperformed the overall male student average by 79 percent to 60 percent. For women's basketball, the student-athletes led 89 percent to 69 percent.

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Not surprising but Glad to hear it.