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Stretch Internet "Call of the Year" Top 10 Finalists


Just a note to relay the top 10 finalists in the Stretch Internet "Call of the Year" contest (out of 34 entries):

(ranking based on the number of fan votes via Facebook)

1. Kevin Strauss, Cal State-Northridge
2. Scott Leo, Wittenberg University
3. Jim Mitchell & Paul Van Scott, Florida Tech
4. Adam Cavalier, Carson-Newman
5. Andy Zweber & Max Timm, Carleton College
6. Jay Murry, Washington University in St. Louis
7. Kale Beers, LaSalle University
8. Russ Eisenstein, Ohio University
9. Jim Plummer & Allen Grisham, Post (TX) High School
10. Mike Mancini, Oberlin College

Here is the Facebook link to the list of entries:  https://www.facebook.com/stretchinternet?hc_location=stream

Stretch Internet released information on the finalists Monday, and it will announce next week who will make the final 5 list.  Stretch Internet will announce the winner at the CoSIDA 13 convention during a reception conducted by Stretch on June 13th in Orlando, Florida.

--Jay Murry, Washington University in St. Louis


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