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« Reply #2010 on: January 27, 2016, 08:24:43 pm »
FW, that was a good effort, but NG seems like a pretty clear choice to me.  The D3 selections, including or especially for the POY categories, seem to heavily weight post-season performance (like getting to the Final Four or at least deep in the tournament).  This appears to be true with the women's choices as well.

I'm not going to delve deeply into all the stats, but in terms of the argument of having a good defense in front of you, D3soccer's GK of the year last year, Clougher, had arguably one of the best (and certainly most seasoned) back lines in front of him.  He often was not very busy either.  He had a really good GAA and save % but I bet the shot totals he had to deal with were fairly similar to the Calvin GK.

I would also compare the selection of Barnes of Kenyon to the 1st team.  That selection had to be heavily influenced by his late season heroics (mostly PKs) as his overall stats wouldn't suggest the selection.  By that standard, Nico G had very similar heroics in the post-season with a handful of dramatic game-saving breakaway saves.  Almost everyone who followed Calvin's run and has posted intimated that Calvin doesn't get to the Final Four without his stellar GK play. 

I would also suggest that the SoS factor is diminished by Calvin marching through top teams to the Final Four.  They proved themselves to be a legitimate undefeated team.

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« Reply #2011 on: January 28, 2016, 10:06:42 am »
Clougher 2014:   22/22 GP/GS  2033.55 / .896 SP / 60 SAVES / .310 GAA / 7 GA / 15 SO / MASSEY SOS: 64  - .544 NCAA before tournament
NG 2015:           26/25 GP/GS  2292.28 / .905 SP / 57 SAVES / .236 GAA / 6 GA / 19 SO / MASSEY SOS: 55 -  .518 NCAA before tournament

Not NG fault in terms of schedule, but when the competition got stronger, he certainly stepped up.

In terms of SOS, then why would the below be considered over Rummelhart and Ryan;

Kyle Farrar, CSS (1st Team, NSCAA) - They play the Sisters of the Poor, Sisters of the Bankrupt, Sisters of the Middle Class, and Sisters of the Low Credit Score.   Padded stats with boatloads of goals vs weak teams.                                                                                               MASSEY SOS: 273 -   .488 NCAA
Nico Roth, Millsaps (2nd Team, NSCAA)                  MASSEY SOS: 229     .472 NCAA
Shaun Watt, Greensboro (2nd Team, NSCAA)          MASSEY SOS: 266 -  .453 NCAA
Matt Kinkopf, Ohio Northern (3rd Team, NSCAA)      MASSEY SOS: 150 -  .490 NCAA
Caleb Lucas, Maryville (Tenn.)  (3rd Team, NSCAA)  MASSEY SOS: 280 - .442 NCAA
Eirik Nordseth, Methodist (3rd Team, NSCAA)          MASSEY SOS: 197 - .497 NCAA
Mike Ryan 3rd Team                                              MASSEY SOS: 19   - .597 NCAA
Johnny Rummelhart 3rd Team                                MASSEY SOS: 12   - .602 NCAA

THREE Forwards from the USA-S were All-American??  What about Sevag Kherlopian from Kean, Mike Olla from MSU, Patrick Burns from CNU, Colofranson from Stockton?  Maybe the South Atlantic just botched the voting?  Who knows

As poor as Kean's out of conference schedule was, the MASSEY SOS was still 134th...  Kherlopian is a beast.

Mike Ryan had 75 goals in 4 years....each year is a body of work on its own...however...against arguably the toughest of schedules among d3 teams throughout his 4 years, no other player in the country had more goals in D3. No one! He is a once in a lifetime player for any program....unless you are Messiah who just spits out quality point forwards.

In his SR year, he managed 18 goals on probably the 4th best Camden team in the last 5 years...and every game, a coach is trying to find a way to deal w him...which adds pressure to any top forward. Hazard hasn't scored a goal in almost 30 games for Chelsea... is just a bizarre example of this.  If anything, Ryan not scoring in the last 5 games makes RUC late run all that more impressive. Maybe the attention people paid him helped the squad.

I am sorry but Chase Tenbrook (28 career goals and 12 on season) and Gilbert Waso (9 career) are not in the same class as Mike Ryan. Any educated coach in the country that saw all 3 players play could tell you that, but a flawed NSCAA voter system that's reliant on teams regular season wins that goes into an index benefits players for sure (I don't want to take away credence to Waso and Tenbrook- it's awesome for them that they got 1st team) but that's how it happens. Etown schedule was far easier then RUC, with F&M about .050 lower than RUC SOS.   Come conference playoff time, of the 3 players, only Ryan's team won their league.

Coaches still have to vote for you....but Etown (17) and F&M (15) regular season wins helped the 2 players above and hurt Ryan (11) chances of 1st team.
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Gilbert Waso, 9G / 8A;  1st team AA as a FRESHMAN forward, and did not score a goal AFTER October 7th. The last 8 GAMES of the season and NO GOALS...  it's a real head scratcher...  it's not like Etown had a truly difficult schedule.  6 of the 9 goals came against the likes of .500 DeSales, 5 win Gwynedd Mercy who plays NO ONE, 4 win Wilkes and 4 win Juniata squad that was winless in the Landmark.

I have to agree. A Frosh 1st Team is almost unheard of as it usually takes a ton to make an all conference team as a frosh. Even if the kid was a senior this makes no sense.