Author Topic: The '94-'95 Connecticut Huskies: The Team that Made Women's Basketball  (Read 1734 times)

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This in depth article recalls the UCONN women's team of '95 that changed the face of women's basketball in America. Fans of the women's game at any level will enjoy the read.

The coverage and love affair with that team and its myriad fans lives on. One of its members featured in the piece, Carla Berube, is heading to her second D-III Final Four with the Tufts University women, and represents the positive legacy of that memorable group of women.

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I shared this on the NESCAC board.

I went to high school not too far from UConn in 1995 and that team had celebrity status. There was a buzz in the hallway after the team played because they weren't just good, they were superior in an almost Harlem Globetrotters way, minus the circus shenanigans. They were the best passing team I've ever seen until the San Antonio Spurs of last year.  Rebecca Lobo was the star but a lot of sports fans could name several players off the roster without much effort, including Berube.

If you didn't live in Connecticut at that time, it sounds like exaggeration to talk about how popular that team was. Women's college basketball doesn't usually capture people's imagination that way. But they were absolute rock stars.

I didn't see Wooden's UCLA teams and haven't watched much of this year's Kentucky team. But to me that UConn women's team was the most dominant I've ever seen.