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For anyone who wants to get involved.

Ocean 1:
A couple observations:

- First time in years I've seen such a close score between the two with Amherst taking the contest 2-0 over Mt. Holyoke. Has Holyoke strengthened or has Amhesrt weakened and/or at least still working out the kinks?

- Conn-Roger Williams should be an early test for Conn.

- Williams-Hamilton will be a solid test for Williams particularly...an away game at always tough Hamilton.

Seems likes Williams has the early-season injury bug: three of the Ephs' top playmakers, Thomas, Alvarado, and Swarr, did not see any action in the first half vs. Hamilton.  Also, Kirsche did not play a ton of minutes and maybe seems limited?  Williams is up 1-0 nonetheless, Hamilton controlled the first 15 minutes of the half but Williams settled in and dominated the rest.  The Ephs played loads of frosh, starting two and with three others seeing time of the bench.  The two frosh starters Alison Lu and Nkem Iregbulem both looked very dangerous attacking (Lu scored the lone goal and almost scored a second, but then she seemed to get banged up in a collision with the GK and had to leave the game) and both should see a lot of time this year even assuming (hoping!) the veterans' injuries are not long-term in nature. 

The Ephs' started last-year's backup keeper, I wonder if the two keepers will split the job as the Ephs traditionally do when they have two talented options.  The Ephs seem to be crazy deep this year but certainly miss their stars ... hopefully none of the (presumptive) injuries are serious! 

Ocean 1:
Williams started its season with a bang...beating Hamilton, Trinity and Skidmore...now 3-0-0. Offense looked like it was still getting itself synched-up, particularly with the First Years blending-in.

Having said that, what an impressive incoming class...generating 5 of 7 of the EPH's goals in total and some pretty good 'D' as well. In fact, the whole team was swarming on defense with pace and the two-platoon system continues to provide fresh legs when they need them.

The Williams frosh class looks impressive indeed.  I was worried how they would replace the current dynamite senior class.  But considering that Williams was playing without four key players (three of whom were all-NESCAC players last year, and three of whom are seniors) and still went 3-0, the future looks very bright.  Hopefully Palchek (I assume she is hurt since she didn't play at all in the first three games, although perhaps not because Barnhill is clearly a quality player in net as well), Thomas, Swarr and Alvarado are all suffering from only minor ailments and are able to work their way back to health.  When they do, the Ephs will be able to bring in waves of offensive threats up front, now that all the young players have already established themselves as deserving of playing time.   


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