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Are you interested in playing PROFESSIONAL BASKETBALL?
« on: October 10, 2017, 09:55:47 pm »
Are you interested in playing professional basketball?  Would you like to become a part of a NEW Professional Franchise as a Youth Trainer or a player, or BOTH?  Here is your opportunity! 

The Seattle Knights franchise is a NEW professional basketball team that will be competing in the NAPB (North American Premier Basketball) league this Inaugural Season beginning January 2018.

Our NEW and Exciting franchise is currently recruiting dedicated basketball players who are seeking a special opportunity to have a chance at playing Professionally as well as becoming a part of our brand for training Youth including camp, clinics, group training, individual training as well as hosting tournaments and Leagues.  Our franchise is offering something that has never before been done in North America.

From December 10th through December 16th 2017 we are holding our Seattle Knights Basketball Training Clinic.  My name is Joey Tolis,  I am the Head Coach and General Manager of the Seattle Knights franchise.  I am in the process of looking to fill our roster with quality players who are team players that know how to act professional and treat the game with Class.  At this week long training Clinic I will be evaluating your talent and professionalism and giving out 10 or more Professional Basketball contracts to guys who are serious about this business.  We pay real money on a 3 level contract basis.  Either $1,500, $3000, or $5,000 a month during the season.  This contract will also include us paying for your living arrangements along with your contract money.  This opportunity is more then just the chance to play for our franchise.  Everyone who attends our training Clinic in December will immediately become a part of our company and will be operating under our brand. We will help teach you how to start and maintain your own Youth Development Program in your home town.  Being a part of something special like a new professional franchise will give you the support and guidance you need to build your own brand of training at your own pace.  Every player who receive a playing contract will be required to help train youth up to 3 times a week during the season.  This will allow you to make extra money a well as help us build a solid relationship with the community we will represent.  Any players who do not receive a contract are still a part of our company and we will support you in the development of your own Youth Development program where ever it is your from or town you choose to build your business in.   

This opportunity does come with a small investment into our franchise.  But ultimately it is an investment in yourself and it allows us to make sure that everyone in attendance is serious about making money through basketball either as a player or a youth trainer or very possibly BOTH!  We will only be taking around 100 guys into our organization this season and we already have guys signing up everyday.  As it stands if we were to take a traditional approach to giving out contracts there are thousands of players for us to choose from.  With this method of holding our training clinic with anywhere from only 60 - 100 guys in attendance the percentages of getting a contract for you are much greater because I am only giving out contracts to guys who are at the Clinic and in a weeks time can prove to me they can be a team player, professional, enthusiastic, trustworthy, and a high character individual.  Your investment into our franchise will cover your accommodations for the week including Hotel, Food, Transportation to the Gym, Limited Insurance, Jersey, as well as your Youth Development Business Plan.

First and foremost this unique opportunity is deigned to help you pursue a career in Basketball.  You as an individual at this point in your life will be what you are being evaluated upon.  For example, it will not matter to me what level you may or may not have played at or your age, I will be evaluating with a completely open mind. 

we are very excited about this season and we are excited about building something special from the ground up.  I have coached basketball for 22 year including 10 season of college on four different levels (DI, DII, NAIA, and JUCO) and 12 years of Class 5A Highschool.  I am the proud Patented Inventor of the "Square Up"shooting aid sold by that helps anyone of any age learn how to properly develop their shooting form.  My father was a Division I head coach and assistant for over 40 years so I was literally born into the game.  I am telling you all this so you know a little bit about me and that my life is Basketball and I am committed to building a successful program that represents class with the right guys around us.

If you are at all interested in investing with our franchise for this high percentage opportunity to play Professional Basketball please contact me directly at: or on my cell at 985-249-8731  You can either text or call anytime.

check u out or register for the training Clinic online at

Please contact me asap if you have any questions or you may know of any ball players that I can get in touch with.  Thank you to for accepting my membership and I look forward to answering any questions.
God Bless, Coach Tolis
Joey Tolis Head Coach / General Manager Seattle Knights