Author Topic: D3 Prez council: transfer portal; non-D3 grad xfer waivers, more  (Read 1590 times)

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tl/dr versions:

Transfer Portal:
the Division III Presidents Council approved a recommendation from the Division III Administrative Committee that the divisionís student-athletes be allowed ó though not required ó to use the portal beginning in the 2019-20 academic year. The Presidents Council is expected to review further details regarding the portalís use in Division III when it reconvenes this summer.

Division III coaches and administrators now have read-only access to the portal, which includes athletes from only Divisions I and II.

Athletics diversity and inclusion designation

The Presidents Council sponsored a legislative proposal recommended by the Division III Management Council that calls for all member schools and conference offices to add an athletics diversity and inclusion designee. The designation would not necessitate a new hire. It could be a title conferred upon a current staff member ó inside or outside the athletics department ó who would be charged with serving as the primary contact and conduit for diversity and inclusion-related information

Conference composition legislation

The Presidents Council endorsed a proposal [...] that would permit provisional institutions involved in year three or four of the new member process to count toward the seven institutions needed to form a Division III conference. At least four of those seven members, though, would need to be active Division III colleges or universities.

Non-D3 Graduate Waiver criteria changes:

Graduate students from outside Division III will now meet minimum waiver criteria if they graduate within four consecutive academic years with no breaks in enrollment and have at least one season of eligibility remaining with at least a 3.0 GPA. (Their remaining eligibility will be measured by Division IIIís parameters ó specifically, a redshirt year at a non-Division III institution would count as a season used.)

It appears that the diversity and composition changes will require a vote at the 2020 convention. 

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Re: D3 Prez council: transfer portal; non-D3 grad xfer waivers, more
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Correct "sponsored a legislative proposal" means it has to come to a vote in January.

That is also the case for the "Conference Composition Legislation."

Those two will be in front of membership in January.
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