Author Topic: St. Thomas removed from the MIAC  (Read 2594 times)

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Re: St. Thomas removed from the MIAC
« Reply #15 on: May 23, 2019, 02:23:26 pm »
Kicking a team out of a league because they win too much is not in the spirit of competitive sports.  That being said, getting kicked in the teeth for decades is not much fun for the student athletes, parents, fans, alumni etc.  A few years ago, teams departed the LL for similar reasons and joined a "lower ranked" conference.  This led to a tougher, although smaller LL, while at the same time opening up the playoff opportunity to the departed teams.  Unfortunately, this was probably not an option for the MIAC, due to geography.  Tough situation, certainly no easy answer.

Some student athletes, from these institutions, are saying on Twitter that it wasn't that brutal. Those games still made them better.

I experienced an 0-16 season in college soccer. It was tough. We were a better team than that, but we didn't have one particular piece come back ... our assistant coach became associate head coach (transitioning to head coach) and he turned into a maniac ... and things didn't bounce our way. We got our teeth kicked in my a conference opponent 10-0 and we also lost 12 of our games by a goal or two. It was a tough, tough season ... but it made me a better person and a more driven athlete.

Too many times people look at scores and automatically assume the athletes on the other side have been belittled. I even think that in some circumstances. However, we have to remember sometimes those instances end up being the best life lessons one can experience.

Per geography - I believe there are options for the lower tier in the MIAC, but they want their cake and eat it, too. They could have left for the UMAC or the MWC (many in the MWC are part of the same educational group as well). They chose this path instead. They want the "prestige of the MIAC" while getting a slightly better shot at the AQ (only slightly better unless they want to increase their effort to help their programs succeed). Unfortunately, the AQ won't come any easier and the prestige is being tarnished with their move. They literally are trying to have cake and eat it ... and reality it's being thrown in their face.

There are better options than to look like fools.
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