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2019 D-III World Series

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Purple Heys:

--- Quote from: Ralph Turner on May 31, 2019, 01:57:29 pm ---Chapman has "baseball for breakfast". The 11 AM CDT/9 AM PDT start did not bother them.

Chapman 6 W&J 3.

--- End quote ---

I was marginally concerned that they assigned the early game to the West Coast team to upset the bio-rhythms, but kids grow up playing travel ball out here start have 0800 starts every weekend, so 0900 wouldn't be an issue.  8-)

Pretty much went to script...7 good innings from starter, timely hitting, and bullpen seals the deal.  If Chapman's starters have it going, they could be tough to beat.

Ralph Turner:
JHU gives up a 2-run homer in the top of the 10th and then get a 2-out double to right center to walk off 7-6.

There were 8 errors in the game including 5 by JHU!

Ralph Turner:
The Championship is being played at the home field of the Cedar Rapids Kernels.

The mascot for the team is named Shucks.

We have not had onecommentary of an easy fly ball being "a can of corn".

Ralph Turner:
Webster and Heidelberg went "2-and-BBQ".



UMass Boston and Birmingham Southern are undefeated.

Four games tomorrow!

Ralph Turner:
The next 2 out were W&J and Babson.

The Bracket Finalists were U Mass Boston & Johns Hopkins

Chapman and B-SC for the championship.


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