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108 Stitches:
Thought I would start an interesting subject given the date.
D# all decade baseball programs

My short list.

1. Marietta 3 WS
2. Chapman 2 WS
3. UW Whitwater 2 WS
Don't have complete picture of Regional appearances but should include
Cortland State
Trinity (TX)


It would be interesting to see Wins in the decade for D3 programs as well as win % and post-season numbers as well.

USM"s record during the decade was 316-149 for a .679 win % annually playing a top 10 schedule....Made the WS twice and the WS championship game

This could be an interesting look at programs... though I feel the post-season  win percentage would carry more value.

A school like St. Scholastica piles up wins and huge win percentages in the UMAC (in which it has no one even close to it's equal). Granted, they make every effort to schedule WIAC teams (almost always on the road or at neutral sites). Conversely, WIAC programs kick the tar out of each other and knock the win percentages down a bit, but always produce in the regionals, and often the world series as well.

Another way to look at it would be by conference or, even larger, by region. I don't know of anyone who has that kind of time.

Jim Dixon:
I have an excel sheet with records and playoff appearances in the decade if some wants it.  It does not have winning percentage before or after playoffs nor total wins in the decade but an easy place to start.


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