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Covid Impacts on Upcoming Season

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There hasn't been much discussion on the potential impacts of Covid19 on the upcoming season.

What are teams doing now? Zoom calls? Individual workouts?
How are rosters being impacted? Are kids leaving for less expensive, close to home schools? What does this mean for recruiting?
What potential changes are you hearing for Fall 2020 seasons? Schedule changes? Travel impacts? Tournaments being cancelled?
How are team budgets being impacted? Are some soccer programs being cut?

Some interesting news pieces:

MAC to eliminate 8 postseason tournaments, adjust menís and womenís basketball seasons: mac-to-eliminate-eight-postseason-tournaments-adjust-mens-and-womens-basketball-and-volleyball-report.html

Division II league in California suspends fall sports: https://www.kbtx.com/content/sports/Division-II-league-in-California-suspends-fall-sports-570419371.html

Not a lot of chatter because there's still so many unknowns. And while I'm very hopeful of a full return to fall sports, I'm starting to get more discouraged when I hear that some schools are already changing their fall plans. 

On the D3 level for example, Ithaca won't bring students back until October 5th, which means what - no soccer season at all? an abbreviated season? If I'm a recruit in this senior class, I'm thinking twice about committing (June 1 now for many schools) to a school that may not have a fall season.

Here in AL club sports have started training again with restrictions. There is a lot of talk about college level prospects having a "gap" year and the local top tier club, BUSA or Alabama FC depending on the level you are playing, taking on a team for them. Discussions with ECNL I believe are ongoing on whether they can have Fall and Spring level competition for essentially one year level above what they have traditionally provided.

CC United:
Iím interested in whether the NCAA will grant players waivers if the 2020 season is cut short, assuming it happens at all.  In Division 3, a player uses a year of eligibility if he participates in one official practice for that year.   The NCAA could get in front of the issue. That would help programs and athletes decide what to do when itís time to make a decision.

Another Mom:
Re: recruiting-- a head coach just told us that COVID won't hurt the kids already on his radar, and that he'd seen play.  It would hurt those just getting in touch with him now, and that he hadn't seen in person.


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