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New List of College Men's Soccer "Programs That Inspire"

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They did a very interesting women's list last week. I'll be curious what people think of the men's version. It's pretty D3 heavy.

The full top 20 and explanation is here... https://collegeathleticadvisor.com/inspire/

Top 5:

1. Amherst College (MA, NCAA Division 3)
2. SUNY – Oneonta (NY, NCAA Division 3)
3. Cal State – Los Angeles (CA, NCAA Division 2)
4. Ohio Wesleyan (OH, NCAA Division 3)
5. Centre College (KY, Division 3)

Another Mom:
It is a joke.

It's a website purporting to offer advice on college athletic recruiting.  There is no possible way they can assess every college soccer program in the country especially using such subjective parameters.

I do agree Amherst is inspiring though.

See i stopped reading when amherst was number one


--- Quote from: d4_Pace on October 01, 2020, 05:01:33 pm ---See i stopped reading when amherst was number one

--- End quote ---

As I stopped reading when Messiah is not on either list, not anywhere. That’s credible.

Only got to play Messiah once but you could certainly tell this is exactly the type of list the program should rank highly on. In reality what this list is trying to measure almost directly correlates to success. People like being apart of and staying in touch with successful programs. Having that buy in leads to successful programs. The key is getting the cycle of success started.


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