Author Topic: New List of Football Programs That Inspire  (Read 691 times)

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New List of Football Programs That Inspire
« on: October 07, 2020, 01:28:48 pm »
I've been following these lists and now they've added football... Some great programs highlighted (and some MIA).

1.   St. John’s University (MN, NCAA Division 3)
2.   University of Central Missouri (MO, NCAA Division 2)
3.   Wisconsin – Oshkosh (WI, NCAA Division 3)
4.   Texas A&M Commerce (TX, Division 2)
5.   University of West Florida (FL, NCAA Division 2)
6.   Salisbury University (MD, NCAA Division 3)
7.   Minnesota State University (MN, NCAA Division 2)
8.   Carroll College (MT, NAIA)
9.   Wisconsin - Whitewater (WI, NCAA Division 3)
10.    Valdosta State University (GA, NCAA Division 2)
11.    Grand Valley State University (MI, Division 2)
12.    Marian University (IN, NAIA)
13.    Linfield College (OR, NCAA Division 3)
14.    Chapman University (CA, NCAA Division 3)
15.    Savannah State University (GA, NCAA Division 2)
16.    Trinity College (CT, NCAA Division 3)
17.    Muhlenberg College (PA, NCAA Division 3)
18.    Union College (NY, NCAA Division 3)
19.    Benedictine College (KS, NAIA)
20.    Shepherd University (WV, NCAA Division 2)


These holistic program rankings are open to all 4-year U.S. collegiate level programs sponsoring football outside of NCAA Division 1 (so this is a top 20 out of over 500 colleges & universities). Rankings are based on a subjective assessment of student experience in four areas:

•   Holistic development of student-athletes in the institution
•   Academic achievement & support for the academic success of student-athletes
•   Overall college experience for participants within the program
•   Affordability/Graduation Rates/Student Satisfaction

These rankings are meant to highlight programs that may not be widely publicized despite having achieved consistent elite status in competition and in elevating the lives of participating student-athletes. While this is a subjective list, we believe these rankings present an informed starting point for a discussion about where student-athletes can excel as “triple-threat” competitors (academics, athletics, and socially) in college and in life.