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Videotaping future opponents


I was curious to get some feedback on the ethical nature of videotaping an upcoming opponent.  I would love to hear from coaches, but I guess there is no way to insure that.  If you are a coach, do or would you video tape a future opponent.   If you are not a coach, I am still curious how you feel.

Since no one has responded to this I will comment.

I'm not a coach, just a fan of the game.

I don't see taping an upcoming opponent as being unethical.  If you are watching teams in conference you probably don't need to video tape them anyways because you have seen them play enough in person.  Several teams have online webcasts and even show video highlights on their website.  Augsburg College is a good example of a team that has a youtube page with highlights for each game.

There is a nice advantage to either taping games or watching live/webcasts... It will give you the benefit of seeing the likely formation of the opposition as well as set play (corners, free kicks, etc...) that they may run.  Heck, if you are lucky you may even get a chance to see where their primary penalty taker likes to shoot.

Several teams tape the opposition at all levels of sport.  It certainly helps you prepare in practices, etc. 

Just don't tape the opponents practices (see New England Patriots 2007 Super Bowl Championship*)

Interesting topic.

Not only do I think it is completely ethical, I would strongly encourage it.  Most every sport either religiously tapes or scouts their opponents matches.  The more you know about a team the more prepared you will be come game time.  AS GG stated in regards to free kicks and corners,  if you know who is the big threat and their tendencies in certain situation, you can better defend against that player or their effectiveness to counter.

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Unfortunately, the Pats didn't win the 2007 Superbowl . . .

That's the good news right?


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