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I was wondering if anyone has any information about the soccer program at Occidental.  It seems as though they have struggled in the past, but they also have a new head coach.  What are the fields/facilities like?  Is this program starting to go in the right direction?

Thanks for any information!

Gray Fox:
This is their web site.  I hope it helps some.


Jim Matson:
Oxy has not been a big soccer school in the past. Maybe things will change this season?

OXY dropped their season opener to Chapman tonight by a 5-0 score.
Stats at   chapmanathletics.com
You can follow OXY Soccer at    oxyathletics.com

Thanks everyone.

I noticed that their first game would be streamed, but unfortunately I could not watch. I'll try to pick up another game on their site and see what the soccer is like.

From the roster, Oxy seems to be a very young team.  Perhaps that's a result of the coaching change.



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