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--- Quote from: Jim Matson on September 13, 2011, 11:39:22 pm ---Messiah may be without Pezon but until they lose a big match, they still are the champs...and always find a way to win. Lynchburg last season, Medaille in OT a few years back, and Stevens in the semis four years ago. And perhaps the biggest win was that last second goal to draw against CNU, and then to win minutes later in OT. Was that 2008? 09?

--- End quote ---

The Lynchburg win last season was more than a little questionable.

Although Messiah certainly has the resume, and they always manage to pull out wins when they need to (lucky or not), they are also in an extremely weak conference, for the most part(except for E-Town) and completely dominate it every year. I think that if they jumped over to the Centennial conference (arguably one of the best in the country), they would  not fair quite as well as they have in the past... I would love to see them play against any of the top teams in that conference... Swarthmore, Muhlenberg, Hopkins and F&M and see if they could still come out on top...

Jim Matson:
They seem to do well against the Centennial when they need to...like in the post-season. Now if the Falcons had to face a higher level of competition week in and week out, they might stumble more often, losing another match or two every season. And a tougher conference tourney would put their post-season participation (and position) in a riskier bucket. But they have done well in the past no matter who they faced, home or away.

The Lynchburg match last season did indeed have a strange ending, and yes, many would say that we all saw a great example of a non-call. But they still found a way to win in overtime. Few teams have been able to finish as strongly as has Messiah in the past 10 years.

Any thoughts on todays Dickinson / Messiah Match??? Dickinson has been putting up some solid numbers offensively, should be a great game and a close match.
Don't be surprised to see the Messiah team scrambling tonight...

I expect this to be a good match.  It looks like both teams are entering this game on a bit of a role.  Messiah has scored 8 goals in the previous two games, and Dickinson has scored 9 in their last two.


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