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Can anyone provide me an insight into which is a stronger level of Soccer NAIA D1 or D3? 

That is a tough question, because they operate under completely different principles. NAIA offers scholarships and NCAA Div.III does not. You probably see a lot more foriegn players on the NAIA rosters because of the scholarship money.
In my opinion, Div.III is still a stronger soccer level and most crossover games that I have seen have resulted in wins by the Div. III teams. It pretty much depends on the individual program though.
If you were asking also about NCAA Div. I, obviously they are the strongest, because they offer scholarships and they are usually much larger schools than either Div II Div. III or NAIA.

Pat Coleman:
There is no NAIA D-I in soccer. The NAIA only subdivides in basketball.

I agree with with d3fan1.  My experience is mostly with women's soccer, but from the games I've seen the D3 schools usually top NAIA schools.  However, in the women's game I think there is less of difference between NCAA levels than in the men's game as well.  I watched William Smith (D3) dismantle Niagara (D1) in a Spring tournamnent a few years ago.  You routinely see D3 schools beat D2 schools in the women's game.   

It is true that NAIA schools can offer scholarships.  I believe they also have some quirky rules (more like NCAA D2). 

If your goal in asking is as a fan,  I give the edge to D3. 

Thanks for the feedback. NAIA programs that come to mind are Houghton and Roberts Weslyan....I know Messiah beat Roberts Weslyan 3-0 last year...


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