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OK, with now 5 or 6 games in the books it looks once again that the Centennial Conference powerhouses are set for battle this year and all have plans to go far into the post season.
Only Muhlenberg and Swarthmore are undefeated (5-0) and currently ranked (by D3 Soccer), but Hopkins, Dickinson, and F&M are all knocking on the door.
The top 4 (or 5) teams, all are quite capable of beating up on each other, and also against some tough out of conference opponents...
A few big matches this week will put Messiah at Dickinson, Swarthmore against Stevens, Hopkins against York,PA, then Muhlenberg at Hopkins Friday.
Could both Swarthmore and Muhlenberg face off next week undefeated???

Jim Matson:
When you look at the post-season brackets form the past few years, the CC has been well represented. Swat is the team that really has to break out this season. They have been good for so long. The match against Stevens will be a nice test even though Stevens is not quite at the level they have been at recently. Muhlenberg and Swat could easily be undefeated, in my opinion, making for a great match later this week.

Swarthmore / Stevens should be a great match tonight, and streaming video is available. Will try to catch this one... as well as the Muhlenberg / Hopkins Match Friday night.

I guess, "not quite at the level they have been at recently", is good enough.  Actually you were pretty correct with that statement.  Maybe this game is a sign that they are going to get back to being really good.  I expected a drop off at the beginning of the year, after all they did lose one of the best coaches in DIII.  I don't know if you know Coach OD or not but he would be hard for any one to follow.  I met the new guy, Coach Rensing recently and he seemed like a pretty bright guy but he probably couldn't be more different from OD.  Coach OD has this intensity and nervous energy that you can sort of feel when you meet him while Coach Rensing seemed to be  pretty laid back. Not saying that's a bad thing just different.  Also, they didn't lose just Coach OD but most of the assistant coaches as well and added three new coaches. I guess there was a learning curve for both the coaches and the players.  Hoping the way they played this game means the adjustment period is over and they will get back to the level they had been playing at in the past.  Anyway sorry for busting in on your parade but I couldn't help myself.

After watching the entire Swat/Stevens match last night, until the Red card and Stevens being a man down, I must say that I thought Stevens really held Swat to very few chances offensively.
Although both teams played great defense for the most part, I think Stevens played a little bit better and did deserve the win, especially after having to spend time a man down and defend an offensive barrage late. Stevens keeper saving that header near the end was a huge play...
Swarthmore will have Dickinson on Saturday, then face off against Muhlenberg next Wednesday night at home, after Muhlenberg travels to Hopkins tomorrow night. Will be a pretty interesting 7 days in the CC for sure... Wednesdays match could be a preview of the CC Championship final this year...


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