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Top 25 - Week 4

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Flying Weasel:

--- Quote from: Ron Boerger on September 29, 2011, 08:56:27 pm ---
--- Quote from: Flying Weasel on September 29, 2011, 11:54:59 am ---Wow!  4-0 after half an hour.  And to think MHB was on a number of voter's Top 25 ballot.  Official game or not, that would temper how I rate MHB.

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You'd think so, but Chapman went to TX and lost to both Trinity (TX) and Southwestern, getting outscored 12-1, and went all the way from receiving 30 vote points to 20 points.
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Glad you brought that up.  I noticed that when I first saw the new poll.  Not sure how anybody could justify giving a Top 25 vote, even for spot #25, to Chapman after that.  Mind boggling.

Ron Boerger:
Since there's no SCAC board, I'll post this here:  Trinity (TX) 3-0 win at Centre was highlighted by back-to-back goals from Brian Himes.  The two goals, scored in a period of 11 seconds, are tied for second-fastest all-time in Division III (source, Trinity SID).   


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