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Saint of Old:
Agree with everything you said.
Saints have been winning games closely, but they have not been outplayed all year (in my opinion).
I have spent the past few seasons going crazy watching too much possesion in the back, but they cleaned this up big time.
The Wednesday tilt Route 11 Bowl between SLU and Clarkson is shaping up as a battle between two solid defensive teams.
Clarkson has given.up.1 goal in 9 games.

I also agree that Skidmore looks.to be the class of the league so far as well.

I say it every season, but Bard will surprise a couple league foes this year.

Union thoroughly outplayed Plattsburgh tonight.  They only lost 1-0 to Vassar (on the road) and SLU (last minute goal), and played Oneonta scoreless for a half, nice for them to finally get a good result. 

Hobart gets smoked at home to Cortland.   The Statesmen are this year's LL enigma.

Saint of Old:
It ends 1-1 in Canton between Clarkson and SLU.
Looks like Clarkson's ranking is legitimate.
That team will surely make the league tournament and mess up my predictions for the year.
They might even finish top 3.
I wonder how the committee will look at ties for a possible Pool C team.

St. Lawrence has played 11 games and lost 1 but they have 4 ties and with no OT this season, ties are not as rare as they used to be.

League is looking very open now and as someone said above, seems like anyone can beat anyone.

A much stronger offense in the second half of the SLU Clarkson game with Marvin moving up.  What a surprise the he missed a penalty kick with one minute to go.  He usually never misses those.  Hopefully Mogul will be back soon to ignite the offense.  SLU was the better team.  Clarkson uses a ton of subs to keep on the ball and disrupt their opponents.  I dont see them at the top of the table.

I was impressed with Clarkson, they made very few mistakes and were good going forward.  As the previous poster mentioned, SLU missed two golden opportunities in the final minute and are probably disappointed to not get 3 points.  Clarkson was definitiely the better team in the first half, but they were tired out in the 2nd half and SLU got the better of the half in my opinion.  Rest of the month is shaping up to be an entertaining finish for the league.   

I also agree that they are missing Mogul, looked like he picked up a knock against RPI. He is the fastest player on the field in every game and is a very smooth finisher. They are also missing McDougald as well who was one of their better players last year.  He got stepped on his ankle in a preseason scrimmage and has still yet to make his debut.    It's basically a yearly tradition for the injury bug to affect SLU.  Can't really remember a season where it hasn't had an impact.   Everyone has injuries though, have to rise above it.


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