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Bard's old coach is a longtime Midd assistant.

In making pre-season LL predictions the following is a list of number of returning all-league players (assuming they are returning) by team: 1) SLU-6; 2) Hobart-4; 3) Skidmore-3; 4) RPI-3; 5) Union-2; 6) Vassar-1.

In the absence of other compelling information, the number of returning all-league players is probably as good a basis as any for predicting the outcome of the season. In a conference of "St. Lawrence and everybody else except for a couple at the bottom," gradations may emerge in the "everyone else" clump over the course of the season.

Saint of Old:
Pre Season Rankings (For what its worth):


In Friday afternoon action...

SLU 5 - SUNY Cortlandt 2

Clarkson 2 - Moravian 0

Montclair State 3 - Skidmore 2

Vassar 2 - SUNY Maritime 0


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