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I am starting a new UAA thread in hopes that we continue the conversation.  I have really enjoyed reading the comments posts over the past few seasons.

Washington University has published a roster, confirming that Matt Martin has returned as a graduate student.

I did not realize this, but Armando Sanchez-Conde, a key midfielder last season, is also returning as a graduate student.

The Bears begin play on September 1 with a road trip to Carthage and Rose-Hulman.


Case just landed a D1 transfer:


Saint of Old:
This aint basketball or (American) football man.
Kid may be good, but D1 does not mean much.

50% chance of making a real impact after switch in my experience.

zero minutes in two years. Still, I'm sure he's decent.

D1 has only 9 scholarships I think, so more than half of the players on D1 teams are non-scholarship.  There is not a huge difference in talent between a non-scholarship bench player in D1 and a good D3 player.


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