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Anyone have any Idea on what basis would pick Thomas More to come out of the central region ?Is it just the 351 batting average? After looking at their, team page, I'm positve it's not SOS.

Carthage Redmen, CCIW Tournament Champions !!! Congratulations to the Coaches and Players and a special congrats to Eric Rohe for pitching his behind off !!!

GO REDMEN !!!!!!!

Carthage puts up 4 in the top of the 1st !!!

It sounds like they might only get one in today. Tomorrow is a high of 47 and more rain. Lousy weather for a conference tournament.

Yep. It's 3pm start time now.

Really looking forward to this NCC - Carthage matchup today. Arenson and Rohe should be a real nice pitching matchup. The Redmen are extremely confident and I promise the Seniors have all reminded everyone what happened last year with IWU. It's nice to know you have to win one to take the tournament, but need I say more than, Remember The Titans. I'm not exactly sure what NCC's pitching depth looks like but I know if needed, Perez, Pucher, Johansen, Lochen, Wilhelms and Arenson are ready to go. I really like our chances :D

On a personal note : I wish I could be there to see which side John Arenson is hanging out on !!
Nate Arenson SR NCC, Andrew Arenson FR Carthage. Hilarious !!!

He has to be proud ;D

Anyone have any word on Petti ? Not a good time to have your MVP go down.

I said before the game. Here's hoping Carthage could put up a 3 spot against Pankau. That would have done it. Little did I know that we would'nt even 3 hits against him !! That kids a Stud !!!

Definitely. They did'nt do themselves any favors splitting with Coe and Central, though they are playing a pretty tough schedule. I was looking forward to the eary season match up with them, but that's how things go in the Central region. I would'nt think you'd have them in the top 3 though.

2 out of 3 would be just fine with me BP. We have a DH with Marian during the week and a single game with Aurora also. As close as things are looking at the top of the CCIW, I would really hate to see it come down to the last series of the year against North Park. I , like you, see matchup problems there.

It could also come down to not dropping a bad, in-region, non-CCIW game. This is my 4th year associated with the program and we have seen two pool C bids in that time. Everygame counts.

Carthage and IWU have to be the toughest matchup to get a , decent feel for , before the games. I liked the matchup at 9 innining games due to the Redmens pitching depth. It's an entirely diffierent story at 7 innings. The Pitchers are in a sprint and position players in a marathon.

Heres hoping that the Redmen can put up at least a 3 spot on Pankau !!! lol
Damn !! That Kids good

Go Redmen !!!!!!

There's a nice little piece in the Chicago Tribune, college section on Mike Petti, that can be pulled up from the Carthage website. He was due to show what he's capable of. Congrats Mike and keep it up !!!!

You gotta give these guys credit. They seem to be pretty good at overcoming mistakes and coming out with the win. Big Lead Off Homer by Kyle Pusateri in the top of the 10th !!!

Carthage wins 8 -7 in 10 innings. A defensive struggle with only 2 combined earned runs !!lol
Get used to it BP, I have.  :)

Congrats to North Park on the Kuligowski pick up. I watched him play in HS for Grayslake Central. The 17 K's dosen't surprise me.

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