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Region 6 men's basketball / Re: MBB: USA South Conference
December 15, 2012, 02:04:56 AM
Quote from: mattgrubb on December 14, 2012, 11:13:35 AM
I do think that Murvul and CNU are the 2 best teams in the league, but I think NCWC and LC will be the 2 toughtest teams to face in the conference tourney.

Two weeks ago, CNU beat M'ville by 17 points in their building and it didn't seem like a fluke.  Do you think the result will be much different when we play at home?

I don't mean to say that Maryville isn't a good team, but it seems a bit strange to put them on equal footing at the top of the conference so quickly after a double-digit head-to-head loss.
Region 6 women's basketball / Re: USA South Conference
December 09, 2012, 12:14:35 PM
CNU has quietly started the season 6-0.

In their most recent again, at home against St. Mary's (MD), the Captains shot better than 50% from the floor.
Quote from: crazylegs33 on November 14, 2012, 10:25:28 AM
Sure, lemme just lay out which weapons are most effective for us. Would you like a copy of our playbook and play calling tendencies as well?

They could just watch the game film if they wanted, no need to get rude.

Dukes and Morrast are the most powerful weapons, followed by Stovall and Noel.

Moog is a guy to watch out for on defense, along with Navarro sneaking into the backfield.

As for play calling, look for us to run it up the middle twice, then either to the outside or a short pass attempt before punting.
Region 6 men's basketball / Re: MBB: USA South Conference
November 15, 2012, 02:37:27 PM
Here's a great blog post from the CNU coaches about getting ready for the season:

I'm excited for the season opener tonight against R-MC, it should be a good game.
Looking at out of conference games, the USAC went 8-for-24 this season, just 1 in 3.  Guilford (now 5-4) and Shenandoah (now 1-8) combined for half of those 8 USAC wins.  Against teams that are mentioned in any national discussion, it wasn't even close.

The USAC is weak, I think we all agree there.  My question is, "Why?"

What can the conference do, as a whole, to improve ourselves across the board? 
So, with one week to play, CNU and Ferrum are tied at 5-1 in league play.

Assuming they both win on Saturday, who gets the AQ bid?  CNU has a head-to-head win, but Ferrum has a better overall record.
Quote from: WLCALUM83 on October 24, 2012, 08:30:23 PM
CNU & Salisbury both get 3-0 wins tonight.

Should be exciting when they meet head-to-head on Friday.
Quote from: narch on October 24, 2012, 12:25:18 PM
unfortunately, i did a google search for aluminum bleachers, and i can't afford to donate any to mu quite yet :) seating for around 150 is over $12,000...i had no idea they would be that pricey

Many places opt to rent instead of buy.  Maybe you could get a different group to "sponsor" the opposition bleachers for different games.
Quote from: narch on October 13, 2012, 10:55:26 PM
just looked at usasac scores, and i've got to be honest...the cnu/lagrange score is a bit of a shocker...what happened to your boys today, '85?

It was close right until the end, as Hawks88 reported.  CNU had the ball inside the red zone with about 8 minutes left in the 4th quarter, down 7, and chose to go for it on 4th-and-2 instead of taking the FG try.  We got stuffed.

The defense held out and forced a punt with about 4 mins to go.  We muffed it and LaGrange recovered.  They drove down the field and scored on that possession, effectively ending our try at a comeback.
The top 8 remains unchanged for the 3rd week in a row.

1. Washington-St. Louis
2. Calvin
3. Wittenberg
4. Hope
5. Christopher Newport

Full rankings:
Quote from: GuyFormerlyPSBBG on September 30, 2012, 08:06:15 PM
I am waiting to see the stats from this game, but unofficially the Pride put up 526 yards!! Only allowing 391.  Throndset is going to have many great games in his career. I think I speak for many alumni/alumnae, we are very happy to see Young in as head coach.

I think I probably have to retire from d3boards, I have a job that will/is probably a conflict of interest.  I can probably stick around for football season, but I probably will not be around for basketball season. Roll Pride!!

I'll be sorry to see you go, but congratulations on the job.
AVCA Poll for the week of Sept 11th

1 Washington-St. Louis 10-0
2 Wittenberg 6-0
3 Calvin 7-0
4 Christopher Newport 7-1
5 Emory 8-1 

Full Rankings:

If anyone is interested I'm running the USAC Pick-Em's thread again this season.  We're a couple games in already but it's never too late to jump in.

Also, I have to agree with both '85s on the attendance of the CNU-HSC game, I would be surprised if it was over 3000.  The only way that 7606 is even remotely possible is if they counted every time someone walked towards the stadium and ended up counting the same people several times as they moved between the tailgate, stadium, restroom, concessions, etc.
Full agreement with '85 on the game analysis.

The CNU defense played well at the end of the 2nd half, denying about 10 tries at the endzone over a 1-minute period due to some partial gains and a number of penalties on both sides, ending in a missed FG.  I felt like we had the momentum at the break.  CNU came out of halftime, forced a SU punt, and then made a long play (70 yards, ~60 after the catch) to tie the game.

Then, as '85 said, the wheels fell off.

SU scored again, taking the lead.  CNU drove to respond and got close, but were forced to take a FG instead.  The next drive took only about 1:12 for the Gulls to find the endzone again.  We just couldn't stop anything on that drive, and I think it took a lot out of us emotionally.  A lot of the guys on the sidelines were hanging their heads or no longer really paying attention.  The crowd (which had been great in the 1st half) started leaving pretty steadily after the end of the 3rd.

That drive, where SU scored with about 3:20 left in the 3rd to go up 27-16, was the turning point in the game where SU took control and never looked back.
USAC Media Day: CNU picked to win the football title (again).

Rank   Institution (1st Place Votes)   Pts.
1.    Christopher Newport (6)    48
2.    Ferrum (2)    43
3.    N.C. Wesleyan    29
4.    LaGrange    27
5.    Averett    26
6.    Methodist    23
7.    Maryville    21
8.    Greensboro    7