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Started by diiih00ps, January 25, 2005, 12:37:34 AM

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Pat Coleman

Well, I agree the kids on the list look impressive (I compiled the recruiting update that these kids are listed in in the Daily Dose) but I would clarify:

Hesser is not a junior college. It's a four-year school competing in the USCAA. They were 22-7, 2-0 against Division III schools, if you can consider Mitchell, which finished 5-15 in its first year as a D-III provisional, a D-III school. Massey ranked them #1665 among four-year college basketball programs. By comparison, Keene was 1083. The worst team in the Little East (Southern Maine) was 1416.

If Hesser were included with the Division III schools, they'd have been 356th out of 392 teams.

Just keep that in mind -- Chamberlain dominated a very low level of competition. Division III is a step up.

Recruiting announcements are posted in the Daily Dose, for those interested in such things:
http://www.d3hoops.com/dailydose/?cat=3" target=_top>http://www.d3hoops.com/dailydose/?cat=3


I have personally seen Stanley play in organized and unorganized games. He is good. But i do not expect him to make a major impact on the d3 level. His shot is not consisten enough and he can not handle well enough. But he is very athletic.

New England BBALL

hey Pat I was wondering if you have any way of finding out whatevers possible about st joes (maine) recruits, I read on http://mtidacoachsully.tripod.com/id31.html" target=_top>http://mtidacoachsully.tripod.com/id31.html that there were 3 connecticut kids heading to st joes but I cant find anything out about them...

Dotan Kennedy - Hamden Hall High - St. Joseph's College (ME)
R.J. Mattison - Hamden Hall High - St. Joseph's College (ME)
Ibrahim Cisse - Wilbur Cross High - St. Joseph's College (ME)

if you can find something great....if not thats fine too, just curious to see who we have comin in next year

Pat Coleman

I'm sorry, looks like you know as much as I do on them. Actually, you know more than I do. http://discus.d3hoops.com/discus/clipart/happy.gif" ALT=":-)" BORDER=0>

Thanks for the heads-up on that site.

Ryan Andreozzi

Rj mattison is from hamden high not hamden hall. He is a lighting quick pg with good ball handling skills. Very smart with the ball. Starting two guard for the Hamden green dragons. Very good senior season. Great player with big upside. Helped the dragons into the semi finals of the states.

New England BBALL

what kind of college potential does he have?


Hi all.  I'm usually a reader and poster on just the CCIW board, but seeing as I'm living in New Hampshire for the year, right near Keene State (a Little East school I believe) I figured I should start reading and posting on here.  Can anyone tell me anything about the Little East?  About Keene State, general information, recruits, stars, etc?  Thanks alot.  I'm looking forward to learning another DIII conference.


I can tell you quite a bit about Keene States Basketball team.  For starters most importantly they are a very very good team, Coach Colbert has already told this seasons squad that he expects them to go very very far this season, we're talking at least elite 8 which they made 2 years ago.  As for stars they return some very solid players, most notably is probably Sean Sullivan, a 6'5" Forward with a great nose for scoring, he bring a lot to the table and is the teams go to guy in many situations.  Another player to mention is Dave Sontag, the returning redshirt PG from last season, hes got the green light from anywhere over half court from coach.  Kid has amazing range, is very strong with the ball and can flat out score, and distribute the ball to boot.  The lesser known however equally important piece to the team is senior center Benny Maynard.  He's been the teams starting center for the past 2 years and will retain that role again this season.  He really began making a name for himself and coming alive on the boards last year with some 16, 17 rebound performances, however he still opts not to take the shot which the coaches are trying to encourage him to pull the trigger more often as he often dominates practices.  He is an extremely smart player with great defensive skills which he is mostly known for.  Look for him to get more recognition this year.  The team also has some major recruits (check previous posts).   So this year could be a special one for these guys....


Before fans of KSC and the Little East get too excited, Keene State is not as good as people might think. First, the bigs in the recruiting class are solid and should produce later in the season rather than sooner. Chamberlain, however, might struggle in the Little East. He will face better prepared teams and defenses that will give him more than what he faced last season. Remember, Keene State struggled mightily last season and limped into the post season where they were blown out in the ECAC's. They did not loose much at all to graduation... the majority of the 14 - 11 team is back. Sontag is a solid gaurd, but not a point. Sullivan is a good player, but he is often away form the hoop on offense and his offensive rebounding stats are poor at best. They have no real outside threat in terms of shooting. Now, this year they might actually be a good defensive team, but they might be the 3rd best team in the conference.


agreed KSC did struggle last year, but with what they return and with what everyone else lost in the LEC I think they are clearly with RIC in terms of being the favorites.  Sullivan is there go-to-guy but he sometimes can get lost which isnt a quality you want your star to possess.  Maynard could be real big for them if he ever did in games what he does in practice in terms of offensive aggressiveness.  I'm not expecting so much out of champerlain but the freshmen Anderson is ready right now to come in and be a real solid player (future LEC all-star).  The team can get away with Sontag at PG especially now with a full season under his belt.  In terms of shooting, they apparently lost Eric Schlacler (sp?) who was a very solid freshmen last year.  Sontag can stick from 3 but they dont have a whole lot of long range threats, there strength is their size and Colbert knows it.....They'll be tested very very early likely facing Colby-Sawyer twice, possibly Husson once, Endicott and RIC for their first five games....if they can walk away 4-1 after 5 games I think they'll be looking pretty good.

Ryan Scott (Hoops Fan)

I'd compare Keene to Endicott; they really are very similar this year.  It will be interesting to see how their game pans out.  EC lost Oxton, the PG, so they will have someone running the show who is new to things and their big men, while talented, lack experience and (up until now) have yet to show an all-around game.  It should be interesting.  Definately a tell-tale game for both teams.
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They may have lost Schlacler but they still have Hickey. In fact Hickey outshot Schlacter last year. Each played aboutn 15 minutes per game and  from 3 point range Hickey edged Schlacter out .406 to .324.

Hickey can run the point and is as tough as they come and can come up with the big shot when need be.

If the Freshman recruit from RI can get going early Keene should have a great season.


hoopsfan you really think EC and KSC are really similar??  yea EC did lose Oxton but they still have SR Guard Zach Ellis who is an outstanding guard, he will easily be able to take the PG reigns as he is very familiar with the team...however with a new system I dunno how familiar he will be early on with that but Zach is a flat out great ball  player with a very high IQ.....they really lack inside behind namanja and sammy evans but evans is still developing as he is very raw and even more athletic....George is their go to guy and Id expect most of the pts to come from namanja, george, and ellis from their the team is much weaker than they have been in years past, they really need to hope for some immediate frosh help. 
Keene on the other hand has a solid number of big guys with some experience, their biggest question mark remains in their backcourt, if sontag and co. can keep up with the big sr's who know this system the team will be very tough to beat, but if the chemistry doesnt come early it could be an uphill battle.....so i mean the teams i think are rather different....should be interesting though as Keene didnt lost much at all, and EC lost ox, levesque and i think one or 2 more....


If KSC goes 4 - 1 in thier first 5 games I will be surprised. :o The backcourt, wether it is Sontag, Hickey, etc... are tough kids, but not the most versatile and skilled as ball handlers, shooters, and defenders. Sontag can defend and is not a bad shooter, but I would not put Hickey in at the end of a game to defend the oppositions best gaurd. ??? Shooting will be a problem for the Owls and don't be surprised if teams pack it in. I might be worng, but KSC might see more zones this year than ever before to keep the bigs off of the boards. Sullivan lead the team in 3 point shooting. Now, could he (this season) be like David Stantial (in terms of being a wing as compared to a post player. NOBODY is Dave Stantial except for Dave Stantial)? With the other bigs inside, he now can get out more often to the wing. Who knows ??? Schlacter is gone. He is not on the roster.


I agree completely that KSC is likely to see more zones than ever before this year unless/until they can prove they can hit the long range shots, sullivan is a unique player, not overly agressive yet he finds odd ways to score, but does have a nice inside outside touch....the team is full of kids with high bball IQ's which is really their biggest strength, it will be interesting to see what happens.

and yes I too will be suprised if they start 4-1 but it is a possibility....