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Started by admin, August 16, 2005, 05:06:06 AM

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Good to hear from you.  You are correct, I was supposed to be @ the game, but unfortunately didn't make it (guess I'm glad I didn't :-[!).  Schwander was a starter at  QB as a freshman at Tri State University, but transferred to Hope due to curriculum choice.  He has been the starter since.  He also has a very strong arm but as you point out, has a tendency to get flushed/careless when chased out of the pocket (which unfortunately happened a lot last year and appears so far this year) and had INT's like that last year, although certainly not that many in one game.  This is obviously somewhat surprising for a Sr. QB.  As the latter, he needs to make more calculated and patient choices, wait and try to get the ball to an open receiver when scrambling, even if it means taking a shorter gain, rather than throwing it away (depending on the situation of course ;)) or risking the INT at an inopportune time.  As you saw, we have good receivers (as usual), but if the QB play doesn't improve in that regard, we could be in for trouble and a long season.

However, I do not want to "rush to judgement"; after all, it was only our first game of the season.  He could do just the opposite next game - he has that talent and potential.  Anyway, thanks for the input and good luck to your team for the remainder of the season (unless we get the "unlikely" chance to meet again in the playoffs ???
"When the Great Scorer comes To mark against your name, He'll write not 'won' or 'lost', But how you played the game." - Grantland Rice


How bout them Dawgs.  Adrian competition hasn't been stiff but good work getting ready for the long stretch.  MIAA will come down to Alma and Adrian game.


Hope:  Here is hoping that you are far enough ahead this coming weekend to take out your starters ... but then elect not to do so and instead run up the score.


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Olivet Coaching Staff Attention:

WHAT ARE YOU DOING??????????????????

The wing-t was the diamond in the rough, and got you back to winning-and you scrap it!?

This offense no is pathic. You are getting by with athletes alone-if getting by means losing to a team you beat by 20 last year.

Dominic do everyone a favor and resign-your d sucks and you have killed a great offense.

Here is to a long year Comets.


The result at Alma last Saturday was as expected, but the offense staying so much on the ground was not.  Is Alma more of a running team this year?  Will Wittenberg start 0-3?  We'll see Saturday. 


Nothing personal against Livedotti, but I have to agree with you about his junking the Wing-T, even though many others disagree with you and I about the validity of that type of offense.  While Olivet won't win the MIAA this year, I still think they will be the spoiler this year.

Althought it appears that Wittenburg is having a "very" down year, I doubt that they will be a patsy for Alma this Sat.  Despite playing an away game, I sense that Witt will be an extremely tough opponent for Alma, and if the latter is not at the top of their game Sat, it could be a disaster.

Hope vs. DePauw will be a very competitive game I believe as well.
"When the Great Scorer comes To mark against your name, He'll write not 'won' or 'lost', But how you played the game." - Grantland Rice



"Competitive" is all right--but Hope will thump them, right?
All the Wabash folks are in your camp this week, with "Hope." ::)

Have a great game, I'm hoping (that word!!) that the Dutchmen will solve some of their problems this weekend.


Thanks.  I would (Hope, - yes that word! ;)) that being a home game would be the advantage for us today.  However, even though DePauw has been down somewhat the last 3-4 years, they are always tough against Hope.  Last time at our place, it was no easy win for us.  As you mention though, we need to iron out the glitches from last week.  A good solid win for us would obviously be a big boost at this point.

Good luck to Wabash against Wash U.  today.  Their stadium is a neat place to play in with historic tradition.  I would think that your 'Lil Giants will not have too much of a problem with Wash U. this year.   
"When the Great Scorer comes To mark against your name, He'll write not 'won' or 'lost', But how you played the game." - Grantland Rice


Surprise loss for Albion today although Wis-Osh not that bad a team.  Hope debacle again today - see my comments on the NCAC board.  Alma gets past Witt which suggests they are pretty good, although since Witt is having a very down year this year, so it is hard to judge Alma at this point - and they play at DII Tiffin next week.  Kazoo, Wis Luth and Olivet all lose today, the latter to Ohio Wesleyan.   I don't want to sound negative, however, I sense a mediocre year for the MIAA overall this year. :P  However, the season is only 3 weeks old.
"When the Great Scorer comes To mark against your name, He'll write not 'won' or 'lost', But how you played the game." - Grantland Rice


Of other "banter":
It appears that Livedotti has junked more than just the Wing-T at Olivet.  Apparently the Michigan style winged helmets are gone also, now being replaced with red helmets and a white "O" as reported.  Too bad; I liked the winged ones :(
"When the Great Scorer comes To mark against your name, He'll write not 'won' or 'lost', But how you played the game." - Grantland Rice


Was surprised to watch us get beat so bad by Concordia-Wi today. #1 for C does it all!! Our Soph QB is coming into his own. Too bad he did not play more last year. Good D by C, held Kiel to very few yards. Good day on D for WLC's Lepke and Seiler. Could have swore I saw Seiler knock down a pass and get a sack but stats are not recorded by me. Was very disappointed with the officials. One couldn't run/walk and another seemed to have left his flag at home. (not why we lost) Got next week off them homecoming with TriState. Time to turn it around and start the real season with a W.


It was a great game at Alma today.  Yes, Witt is having a down year, but they really are much better than their 0-3 record would indicate.  They are a dangerous team, and next week I'm sure they'll get a win. 

Last week it was hard to tell just how good Alma is.  Today was a more characteristic Scot Gun offensive showing.  The defense did show some weak spots, but hopefully they'll be able to tweak things.  D-II Tiffin will be a major test next week.

Alma and Adrian are the only two unbeatens at this point.  Maybe the championship will hinge on that matchup.  Is Adrian for real?  It's hard to tell yet with their schedule so far.

I hate to say it, but the MIAA is looking at a down year.  5-12 at this point with FIVE winless teams says it all.

Good luck to everybody next week.  Let's get some more numbers in the W column!



the helments are gone too, now I'm really fargon angry.

This is fargon war!

Death to Dominic.

Long live Irv!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


wlcalum:  Good comments.  At times like this, one has to concentrate on the positive aspects that have been shown.  In [re] building a program, it takes time and we have to go through these "growing" stages.  One progress aspect at a time!

miaafan:  I have to agree with you - doesn't look good overall for the league this year.  Yes, good luck to all the teams this weekend.

rome:  Well, friend, I wouldn't go that far! ::)  However, I don't like the changes either.  But then, Olivet has always had a history of short term changes in its storied football history of the program.  It still is early and I think they'll have to go through a [re] building year or two. :P  Remember that as good as Irv did with the program, his middle year there was not great.  So we'll just have to allow this year to give Livedotti and his young team a chance at growing and  see what happens after next year (same goes for Kazoo).

"When the Great Scorer comes To mark against your name, He'll write not 'won' or 'lost', But how you played the game." - Grantland Rice