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yup, for year's Elmhurst would beat up on Ripon, Benedictine, CUC, UChicago (most years) only to get devoured by AC/IWU/MU/WC.   In any event, I am looking forward to Elmhurst's meeting with UWRF.

I'm looking forward to it as well, but only because I'm still bitter about them ringing that darn bell every time they beat us in college.  ::) ::) ::) ::)

Did someone mention a bell that rings?

Yes, someone did. And itís a very nice little bell that was very well earned, which deserves to be applauded. 👏
But can anyone from North DuPage deny theyíd trade the trophy with the little bell that rings for the trophy the South DuPagers have that doesnít even have a bell?  🤔 ;)

Is someone talking?

Both trophies were well earned, which will make this yearís game all the more enjoyable. 

When I played real option football at Tinley Park in the 70's we learned many things that are advantageous to football and life in general. 
1. Never look ahead.  While no one can keep this 100% during the important things this will serve a person well.
2. Always give your best even and especially against the weakest opponent.  Half effort can become a habit.  On the field fight for one more yard, inch, blade of grass until the whistle blows.
3. keep positive it will become catchy.  The way I talk to my teammates effects the whole team.  Especially during a game.  Nearly every time I said or had said to me "I'm doing this and this you will be able to do that that's what happened eventually.  That was to a running back as an o lineman or on defense as a tackle or linebacker.
These things can be used in life too.
If I look ahead and start talking this and that especially if it is something very interesting it can plant a seed which can plant another seed on and on.   That can have disastrous consequences in life when you think you have an easy path overlook something important with your present endeavor.

4.  Don't mix your whites and your colours or your t-shirts will all come out of the wash pink.

Not every school produces pink t-shirts.  ;D

Game notes!

What happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object? We'll find out this Saturday. The Johnnies currently rank second in NCAA Division III in passing offense (370.9 yards), fourth in total offense (535.2 yards) and sixth in passing efficiency (184.9). Individually, senior quarterback Jackson Erdmann leads Division III in passing yards (4,291) and passing yards per game (357.6). Wheaton, meanwhile, boasts college football's (across all divisions) top scoring defense (6.8 ppg.), total defense (186.7 ypg.) and pass-efficiency defense (75.3).

Thanks for sharing.  Your SID does a great job with these.

Hansen puts Wheaten at just under 12 point favourites.  33.2 to 21.8.

The weather forecast for Saturday afternoon in Wheaton is 41 degrees, mostly sunny, no chance of rain and light winds.  Perfect conditions for the Johnnie offense to play at their best. The dynamic Johnnie offense didn't show itself until we faced the Tommies last year and it didn't pop up again until we played UMHB and game one pass short of victory.

This year the offense has been pretty impressive but always with the feeling of running in third gear.  I don't think it's been shifted into overdrive yet except for maybe a few drives in the AU game and the third quarter against STO.  I hope this is the game when the dog is let off the chain and we see what can really happen.

I think Erdmann passes for four TD's and Barber rushes in one more.  So can the Johnnie D keep Wheaton under 35?  Methinks the answer is 'Yes!'

Broc Rutter had FIVE TDs against UMU.  Against Wheaton, he had TWO.  You think the Johnnie defense if THAT much better than "The Machine"? :o ::)

I can see that Wheaton fans are holding out Rutter as the messiah of quarterbacks, the benchmark against which all but Brett Favre must be compared.  They are nervous about Erdmann.  They should be.  They are nervous about the depth and dynamism of the receiving corp.  They should be.

Wheaton are favourites.  Yes.  True.  Revel in the victory before the first snap.

But if you think SJU should be intimidated or that Johnnies supporters should roll over and piss themselves like cowardly dogs because Broc Rutter did this and Broc Rutter did that but Wheaton still won then you're thinking wrong.

I canít speak for anyone else, but I am sure that Swider will have the team ready to play and they definitely respect Erdmann and the rest of the SJU offense ( and defense for that matter as well).  They expect a war on Saturday and I think we all look forward to it. 

I think you misinterpret the comparison to NCC and Broc Rutter, I view it as a compliment since they have put up some fantastic numbers this year and throughout his career (again so has Erdmann and SJU).  And I do think comparing the Bell game is not completely fair as well because Wheaton always circles that game ( like I would guess SJU does for STU).

Before the brackets came out, SJU was the last team I wanted Wheaton to face before the semifinals  (other than NCC - mainly because rematches are never easy). 

At the end of the day, I pray both team remain healthy throughout and play to the best of their abilities (even though we know they wonít because they are both trying to prevent each other from doing that as well).  And hopefully the winner will get to play a couple of games in Texas.

Another transfer (not d1) to Wheaton that has had a positive impact (and has a MIAC background) is John Bickle (P).  I believe he was on the St Thomas roster back in 2017.  His dad is a Wheaton grad.

So that means at least one member of the Thunder is 1-0 versus SJU. ;D

Wow. You guys probably would have hung an 80 burger on Mt Union then.

You've been poking around here since the day the brackets were released.  What did you expect, Wheaton worship?  SJU's got a good team.  Better than Wheaton?  I don't know.  We'll find out in a few days.

No outsiders welcome?  That's certainly not very inviting.

Every team left is a good team I agree. St Johns is an epic program that Wheaton fans will love to see in person. Honestly, I am very worried about this game because I know how talented the Johnnies are since I follow the MIAC pretty closely during the year. I have seen them play more than once.

Enjoy the silence.

Ahh, you need thicker skin. If you've been following all year long and then some, you should know that all things Red are infallible.  ;D

The Jays are a great team this year (and we all new this prior to the start of the season) When they are playing well in all phases, IMO they are the best team in D3 and probably should win it all. However anytime all of your eggs are in one basket (Erdmann's in this case) you are vulnerable. They've been held to under 20pts thrice twice this year and lost one of those games, so that machine can be tempered. If Erdmann has a bad day, meaning turnovers, because he's going to get his yardage, all bets are off.

Fixed that for you  ;D

NCC fans have a nervous wait today. UWW did them no favors.the staff has them in the field by a hair. It could go the other way.  If WashU (7-3) gets back into the rankings then they are in for sure but that would be over two 2 loss teams.

Crazy to think Broc Rutter May have played his final game.

100% the smart thing for the North RAC to do would be to rank WashU and protect North Central.  There's no guarantee that the national committee wouldn't kick that back and say try again, but they should try.  I think it's clear that North Central and JCU aren't both getting in, so the RAC should do whatever they can to fortify one profile or another.   

I'm not sure though any 3 loss team is going to get through to the final rankings.

And this is exactly what has happened.  The bottom of the North rankings got muddled enough to make WashU viable, they get ranked, North Central gets a key piece of primary criteria that separates them from Susquehanna, and Bob's your uncle.

It also made Wheaton vRRO 3-0, which was another plus in the hunt for the final #1 seed.  So kudos to the North RAC this year.

Just for fun (since it has no bearing on NCAA selections)...
Massey ratings:  Wheaton #1, NCC #2
Hansen ratings: Wheaton #2, NCC #3

It pains me to think Bethel might get left home. And I think we climb both rankings several spots if we beat UST. But I don't think I can argue for us over NCC, without splitting hairs. Both teams are really, really good Top 10 teams this year. Last year showed they both belong (I mention it since they both have so much skill talent back from those teams), but what do you do. I'm still hoping for some upsets and that both the CCIW and MIAC get two teams into the dance.

In my dreams I imagine MIAC Pool A v. CCIW Pool C in one region semi-final and CCIW Pool A v. MIAC Pool C in the other. Just thing it'd make for amazing games and storylines.

Dream big... ;)

Iím also of the opinion, that in the end, common sense prevails and NCC gets one of the 5 at-large spots

I agree.

NCC has a similar profile as Mount had in 2016 - - (there was six pool c slots that year)

The talk then was Mount passed the Ďeye testí, which from my perspective so does NCC this year.

General football / Re: 2019 Pool C
« on: November 13, 2019, 02:28:18 pm »
I hope common sense prevails in the case of North Central.

It may be that the North RAC is moving JCU up so that if/when NCC gets taken, they will be a higher ranked team on the North board than other teams from other regions. I have no idea why they would bump JCU over Hope and Aurora with inferior criteria.

It is these types of changes that makes it seem like the criteria doesnít truly matter for a region.

General football / Re: 2019 Pool C
« on: November 10, 2019, 09:37:29 pm »
I think the West Rankings could look like this:
1. UWW
2. Chapman
3. Redlands
4. Central
5 St Johns
6. Wartburg
7. Bethel
8. Linfield
9. UWO
10 Martin Luther
11. Monmouth/STT

I think the committee is avoiding the STT v WIAC situation and also didnít rank Monmouth, who is clearly better than STT on all the criteria, in part because they benefit from Grinnellís forfeit thus not getting their terrible SOS counted as part of their number. But a win vs SNC this week could put Monmouth in at the bottom, which would be big for Wartburg and Wheaton (for 1 seed consderation)


1. Mt Union
2. Wheaton
3. North Central
4. Hope
5. John Carroll
6. Aurora
7. Wabash
8. Hanover
9. OWU
10. Baldwin Wallace

If we are just looking at the criteria, then Olivet should be ahead of B-W and OWU.

East Region football / Re: East Region Fan Poll
« on: November 07, 2019, 04:07:47 pm »
My second stab gives Wheaton a #1 Seed. Switch up some of the West/North pods. Also, gives the SCIAC teams all home games. This also prevents some conference rematches in the 2nd round outside of travel pod.

1. Mount Union vs. SUNY-Maritime
2. Salisbury vs. Framingham State
3. Union vs. Western New England
4. Brockport vs. Susquehanna

1. UMHB vs. Linfield
2. Chapman vs. Huntingdon
3. Redlands vs. BS-C/Berry
4. Delaware Valley vs. Ithaca

1. Wheaton (Ill.) vs. Hanover
2. Muhlenberg vs. MIT
3. Bridgewater (Va.) vs. Wesley
4. Bethel vs. Lake Forest

1. UW-Whitewater vs. Martin Luther
2. Wartburg vs. Hope
3. St. Johns vs. Aurora
4. Case Western vs. Wabash

So you believe #6 NCC (third RR and top Pool C from the North) will not be selected?  Even though their only loss is to a 1 Seed and have an RRO win, I am interested in your thought process there.


This bracket is based upon what I think rankings are going to be at the end of the year and not now. I see B-W jumping NC-C if they win out having the same winning percentage and higher SOS and St. Thomas or Gustavis ending up on final WR giving Bethel a RR win. Additionally, Hobart and/or Cortland being on the ER, giving Ithaca a RR win, Linfield winning out and remaining on WR rankings. Then that would put them at the table against what I believe a comparable Ithaca (1-1), Wesley (1-1), Redlands (1-1) and Bethel (1-1), and Susquehanna (0-1), but you'd still be behind B-W. Regardless, I think at the end of the Day it will come down to Susquehanna, B-W, and NC-C. If Johns Hopkins makes it onto SR rankings, then Susquehanna is (1-1). I think it's the CNU game that may end up hurting NC-C. What NC-C could consider is common opponents with Wesley. The committee may or may not look at point differential. If Wesley squeaks by CNU say 13-10, I'd think the committee would take a hard look at that. I definitely did last week when Salisbury played CNU.

Now taking those potential and subjective factors into consideration, that's my reasoning. Do I expect things to work this way, highly unlikely. I want NC-C in the bracket because of how they went out schedule and always are willing to schedule out of region.

That is a far take, but I donít believe the B-W / JCU winner will jump NCC in the North.  I think the fact that Hope is above both of them points to that.   And their final SOS should be fairly close.

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