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Renaissance Coach:
Hey, NEWMAC people. I would like to hear from you. I have an involvement with WPI and would like to get some conversations, arguements, fight, oral assaults going. Come on. My last post was 364 days ago on the NEWMAC site on They canceled you out cuz no one has conversed since then. I cant see the games as I'm in MN. T'was out there prior to Thanksgiving and enjoyed a game or two my daughter was involved in but need more!!!! Wake me up and get involved........ please. Be a Santa and ho ho ho me with some input.


Nancy Abromowitz:
Coach...Brandeis plays Wheaton, WPI, Wellesley, Babson, Mt Holyoke, MIT...Babson on Sat and WPI next tuesday...

Renaissance Coach:
Life on the NEWMAC!!! And me, in my infinite wisdom tried to get this strand re-started by posting on the UAA site. Like I told Pat, that's what happens when ya mix Norwegians, computers, and old age!!!!

My team took one on the chin last night to Mt. Ida--Ouch. Don't know much about eastern teams so don't know what's expected of whom but I do know that WPI is coming off of a respectable season. Maybe if we can get some of the NEWMAC members involved I can learn. MAYBE I can learn.  

I'm heading north tomorrow to watch my other favorite tteam Carleton from the MIAC. After back, to back, to back, to back NCAA appearances they've dug themselves a hole to climb out of.

Thanks for the input and if traveling, please do so safely.


Allen M. Karon:
Here's my 2 cents on NEWMAC from Brandeis playing so many of those teams this season--

In short, there are three teams that have a chance of taking NEWMAC.  In my opinion, those three teams are Mt. Holyoke, Clark, and Springfield.  Brandeis faced Clark in scrimmage, and Mt. Holyoke in the Brandeis tip-off.  Clark's Ashley Auclair is a great athlete who can score and help lead the Cougars to victory, but I liked Mt. Holyoke more.  Mt. Holyoke has Christine Godin, and that big 6'2" center in Jonee Billy.  If Jonee Billy can stay healthy, then Mt. Holyoke may have a chance of winning their first NEWMAC tournament and getting to the NCAAs this season.

So, although most people would pick either Clark or Springfield to win NEWMAC, I will pick Mt. Holyoke as my pick to be NEWMAC champion this season.

Babson, WPI, and Wellesley are good teams, but they need to improve their games.  Coast Guard seems to have had a hot start to their season, but I don't really have an opinion on how good they are-- Coast Guard may be a sleeper team.  Wheaton (MA) will be hard pressed to win 9 games because their starters always get into foul trouble.  MIT is simply too overmatched.

That's my take on NEWMAC.

Renaissance Coach:
Thnanks for the input. I was out to Worcester for the tip off tourney at WPI prior to turkey day. WPI looked pretty good in their opener but lost in O/T and then notched their first "W" the following day. Their outside shooting, which should be their forte', wasn't clicking. It'll be interesting when league play rolls around to see if they can improve on last years pretty good year.  

Keep this mid-westerner posted.



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