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as the conference teams begin to travel and play, to avoid the nasty weather this year what or the thoughts on the coming season????
Who's hot, who's to watch???
Most improved team????
let the first pitch go.......................

  Wow, the first week os already over in the conference.  Anyone else suprised about what happened to Transy?  Franklin, Manchester, and Mount all sweep.  What does everyone think of this year after the first weekend.  Predictions?

End of season predictions:
1. Mount
2. Transy
3. Manchester
4. Franklin

Conf. Tourney winner= Manchester ???

andersson will be better then people think
the undefeated teams have to prove it with wins this weekend.
Franklin lost to Anderson mid week, Rose hasn't even played a conference game yet!!!
It's going to be a great season for the HCAC

Ralph Turner:
Welcome to the HCAC baseball message board!

HCAC--- final week outlook---It's obvious that no one wants to host the tournament.
     ( 2004 is the last time and i believe the 2nd time that the regular season champ won the tournament).
              HCAC STANDINGS
                   Rose-hulman                     13-4
                   Mt. Saint Joe                     12-5
                   Transy                               13-6
                   Franklin                              13-6
                   Anderson                           11-7


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