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Senator Frost:
Who then should have been chosen, if not Wesleyan?

Gordon "Marco Scutaro" Mann:

While we didn't project Wesleyan in the tournament, I think they represented themselves well enough.

They beat Chestnut Hill and CSI, which most C teams probably would have.  But they played a talented Springfield team down to the wire.

The Pride are much better than that 21-point blowout to Wes in December.

Nancy Abromowitz:

I am a big UAA fan, Brandeis or NYU is better then Wesleyan

Senator Frost:
Didn't Deis "Spit the bit" v Emory and Wash U by 30 at Deis? A talented team that sometimes isn't 'in the mood?' (Hmm, where have I heard that before???)
 Isn't "Spit the Bit" pretty similar to "Off with their heads?"

Let Brandeis beat Emmanuel like Wesleyan did by 18, and then we can talk.


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