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I am starting this new topic to partially discuss U. New England's accomplishments this season in the TCCC.  Feel free to talk about other teams who have done well in the TCCC, such as Endicott and others.

First thing first

Congratulations to Coach Anthony Ewing on being named the TCCC Coach of the Year this season for his accomplishments in leading the U. New England to the #1 seed in the TCCC and for his big non-conference wins this season.   Coach Ewing was Brandeis's former Associate Head Coach with Carol Simon before he took the job at the University of New England, and he has done a great job leading his team to being 2 wins away from qualifying for the NCAAs.

I hope that he finishes the job this week and wins the TCCC tournament.  He has Salve Regina on Thursday, and then should he win that game,   U New England will more likely have a home rematch with Endicott in Saturday's title game.   Endicott is favored to beat Regis (MA) in the other semifinal on Thursday, and the Gulls are the top threat to U New England's ultimate goal on winning the TCCC automatic bid.

U New England is not currently regionally ranked in the Northeast, and I don't anticipate U. New England breaking into the top 6 in the Northeast in today's regional rankings so they will have to win the TCCC tournament this week to get in, but here is their tournament resume.

In-region record as of 2/24:  20-5  .800 regional percentage

OWP as of 2/21 is .566  (#52 in DIII according to calculations)

OOWP as of 2/21 is .524

SOS is .552

Record vs regionally ranked opponents as of the 2/24 regional rankings is 1-2

Win vs S. Maine (#9 Northeast as of 2/24 rankings)

Losses to Bowdoin and Colby

Out of conference loss to non-regionally ranked Keene State

Brandeis and Bates are not regionally ranked as of the 2/14 regional rankings.

TCCC is traditionally not a power conference in DIII women's hoop, so traditionally only 1 team from the TCCC gets into the NCAAs.

Note:  Updated to reflect this week's regional ranking results.

Why has the Endicott Head Coach left the staff at this late date and who will replace her?

Dave 'd-mac' McHugh:
First Regional Rankings:

Love to hear about coaching change rumors. Let's dig and find out!

Ryan Scott (Hoops Fan):

So this place is dead, but I thought I'd just mention ENC.  They brought in like a dozen new players, lots of height.  They've been going 10 deep in these first two games - not great competition, but they're really dominating.  Could be interesting to see how things develop.


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