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Eliazabeth Brown:
What teams are looking good for the upcoming season? Who will dominate E-8?

Eliazabeth Brown:
What happened to Kadi Burgess of Nazareth? I don't see her name on the roster.

Eliazabeth Brown:
Jen Kroll's St. Lawrence team will be playing Ithaca tomorrow.  It will probably be strange for her competing against Ithaca where she used to coach!

Allen M. Karon:
I can't believe that no one is talking about St. John Fisher.  They are only one of 3 unbeaten teams left in DIII women's hoop!  Are there any Cardinal fans who are willing to tell me about this team?  I'm listening to WYSL's coverage of the game vs. Hartwick right now, and I can't believe that there hasn't been much chatter in this room, at least about this team.

Allen M. Karon:
Congratulations to the Hartwick Hawks!

They pull off the upset today at St. John Fisher in Empire 8 action, knocking off the Cardinals from the ranks of the unbeaten.

Final score:  Hartwick 69, St. John Fisher 59

Hartwick takes the conference lead by 1/2 game in the Empire 8.

Game broadcast Courtesy of WYSL 1040 AM, Rochester, NY--


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