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Made it here in time to not watch the game! Going old school just listening to The Bear!
St Olaf on the board
TD Johnnies 21-0
TD Johnnies 14-0
TD Johnnies!
60 degrees and rainy in Oregon. Go Johnnies!
40s and sunny in Oregon! Go Johnnies!
Quote from: BDB on October 21, 2023, 02:10:12 PM
Nice to see you bennie. Gopher puck vs. North Dakota this weekend. Old school WCHA for us hockey people.

Good to see you too! Sounds like an exciting weekend of sports!
TD Johnnies! Way to start!
58 degrees and rainy in Oregon!
Go Johnnies!
TD Johnnies
TD Johnnies
67 and sunny here in Oregon! I am ready for some Johnnie football!