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Started by admin, August 16, 2005, 05:19:27 AM

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This is the new home of WIAC discussion. Welcome aboard, everyone.


I like it Pat.  Now I've just got to figure out how to use it.  Cool...WARHAWKS,WARHAWKS, WARHAWKS[/b]  8)   


A new era is underway for the "bible" of NCAA III football and basketball fans!  While it might take awhile to adjust, I'm confident that we will all learn to use the new system, including Badger Warhawk.


The two things that I really like about the new site is the readers ability to see the number of "views" each conference site has received to date. I'm sure NWC and MIAC will have the most views in the West region.  Come on WIAC fans! 

I also like the new D3football logo. Very cool!


Something about old dogs and new things comes to mind.

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So I've seen a couple of people who have thrown together how they think the league will filter out... what do the rest of you think?

... or, if it's too early... there's gotta be SOMETHING that we can talk about!

Which WIAC teams will be ranked in the preseason?
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I always want to think that La Crosse will be the champ, but they have a lot of new faces, and there #1 defensive player Halverson is out for the year.  There always seems to be an abundant amount of talent, so let's hope some new faces step up early this year!  Also, a QB controversy is always fun to deal with.  Good luck with that, Coach Terry!  At least he gets to pick between to great QB's.  I'd hate to have a QB controversy and decide between the lesser of two evils! 

I think it will be the same BIG 4 on top again this year, La Crosse, Point, Eau Claire, and Whitewater, with a tie-breaker deciding the conference champ!


I have to admit I was slightly surprised to see the WARHAWKS picked second.  I sort of expected we'd be tabbed fourth behind LaCrosse, Stevens Point and Eau Claire. 

Pat, is it suppose to take you back to the conference index page after you post? 

I'm going to miss (winking guy here).  ;D

Pat Coleman

Quote from: warhawkguy on August 16, 2005, 01:20:04 PMPat, is it suppose to take you back to the conference index page after you post?

I haven't the foggiest idea what it's supposed to do, sorry. I'm still new to this as well.

Here's the winking smiley on this board, it's the second one on the list. Kinda hard to see, true.  ;)
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This is an bit an article from St. Cloud Times, ""It was a good way to start our careers at St. John's," said Gearman, who tied with teammate Craig Luberts for the second-fastest 40-yard dash time on the team (4.84 seconds) on the opening day of practice Saturday."

If the second fastest time on their team is a 4.84 forty then man I feel good about playing them this year.  I know at least 15 guys at EC that run better then that.


Word out of EC is that the incoming recruiting class has some very large bodies and some good talent.  Looks like Hoffner is finally bringing the player that he wants, or the sport turf is helping to recruit better players.


Not to worry, Blugold.  SJU only does hand timing for those.  And keep in mind some guy named Blake didn't run even that fasta few years ago?

Isn't it nice to know UWEC will be playing a football game against SJU and not a track meet?  ;)

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Hmmmmm do they time handheld?

"Sam Gervais, a sophomore defensive back from Brainerd, turned in the fastest time in the 40-yard dash. He was electronically clocked at 4.76 seconds. Junior wide receiver Kyle Gearman and sophomore running back Craig Luberts were each timed at 4.84 seconds."

Actually electronically timing makes it slower, a 4.76 electronically is more like a 4.56 hand held.  I am also confused, are you saying that speed doesn't matter in football?  Come on you know better then that, I'm not saying a 4.56 isn't fast but if thats the best there should be 5-10 guys at that level and there aren't.


Stopped off to watch Point practice Sunday after a wedding on saturday nite.  I must say I was pleasantly surprised by the size the Pointers appear to have again this year on the OL and DL.  Hopefully the big nastys can help grind it out a little more on offense and can keep the D off the field a more this year and not rely so heavily on the pass.

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Tough schedule for Point this year.  Point only had 10 returning starters and faces Hardin-Simmons and Linfield (I'm guessing 2nd leg of the home and home contract), along with Waldorf College of Iowa (not sure about them), and then of course the conference opener at La Crosse and then home to Whitewater to start the season off!  Wow.
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