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Started by admin, August 16, 2005, 05:19:27 AM

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How does Point look like they will be on defense? If there defense can hold up and there offense plays as good as they should be able to, I think they will be tough to beat.


Blugold- I stand corrected-- oops-- my bad-- they must have started using that stuff after I graduated.

We had a big discussion on the MIAC board about 40-yard dash times last spring (some guy named Passanante).  Speed does matter-- no question about it.  But sprinting speed is different than football speed-- put the pads and helmets on and things tend to change a bit. 

Further, quickness is arguably more important than speed.  Other than the receivers and d-backs, how many players must sprint 40-yards each play? If linemen are fast out of the stance, that's more important than a .05 behind someone else in a 40 time to me.

And if you're still doubting my argument, even the Mount Union guys didn't catch Zauhar in 100 yards, and he's apparently not one of the top 3 sprinters on the SJU team.  8)
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Bluegold45..Just remember Gearman pulling away from your dbacks last year.  Been to a few Johnnie practices.  Passing game looks great.  I think we will see a continuation of the the fourth quarter in 04.  Havn't seen much on EC's camp.  Who will take Roeker's spot?  Sounds like he was your best defensive player.


The loss of Roeker hurts but it is not the end of the world.  Last year the coaches were rotating LB's ever other series.  They feel that Alexjun and Jones can together do the job.  Who knows though this is probably the best defensive player in the WIAC.  I think that the bigger question is who replaces Maas the two year starter at nose.  He is tough to replace because he was so strong, but they do have some young guys who played alot last year and looked good, but who knows until that first game.


Eagle -

Point's defense is quite solid in the backfield, returing all for starters from last year but there are several big holes to replace on the line since Bakken and Johnson have graduated.  The have a few guys ready to step in on the line but those are some big shoes to fill. 

I agree with the comment about the tough schedule, they didn't do themselves any favors this year, with the exception of Waldorf (W 41-7) last year I belive, which easily could have been worse if they wouldn't have completely died after their first 2 drives, and started going thru the motions up 14-0.  Should have a pretty good feel for this years team by the time they venture over to LAX.


I agree that Stevens Point is a very formidible team this year in the WIAC. A matter-of-fact, I have them winning the conference with 6-1 conference mark. That pick is contingent on the idea they will not get beaten up in their games vs. Hardin-Simmons and Linfield. 

The first five weeks of the season, the Pointers take on four nationally ranked teams - #4, #1, cupcake vs Waldorf (IA), followed by the first two weeks of the WIAC war opening at #9 La Crosse and at home vs. #21 Whitewater. While a number of coaches are trying to say they have the toughest non-conference schedule in the country - on paper - Stevens Point's schedule IS the toughest.

Last year the Pointers lost 3 of its first five games(only winning against outmanned Tri-State and Waldorf.  I believe Point must win at least one of its first two games (Hardin-Simmons or Linfield) to have momentum entering the conference schedule.  Just my thoughts


Camp report out of EC:

Krzyzanowski is looking very good at QB.  Also, to go along with that his reciever corp is very strong.  Also, on offense the Blugolds needed to replace two o-lineman and they seem to have done that with Moonen (6'0, 285) at center and Rekuski (6'2, 270) at guard.  Looks like once again the Blugolds will have a large o-line.

Starting up front they were faced with replacing some seniors from last year.  Word is that they may have done that.  Transfer Chris Below (6'1, 265) should start, he is an athletic 265 lbs, runs a 4.5 forty. 

At Lb the Blugolds lost Roeker but had a group ready to step in and step up.  That group contains Jones (6'0, 230), Klicka (5'11, 210) and lastly and maybe the biggest surprise Alexjun (6'1, 235) up 15 lbs from last year.  All have looked impressive.

In the secondary the Blugolds were looking only to replace Paul.  That seems to be done with a group of players that have already seen time before.  Also, Sikora looks to be set up for a big year.  He has gained 20 lbs from last year, up to 186 lb, and ran a 4.31 forty yard dash which I believe is lower then last year. 

Overall it sounds like the trip to Europe really helped.  They should get a good look at how good they are when they scrimmage Bemidji State, at U of MN Duluth. 


I agree with you that if Point doesn't win one of the games against Linfield or Hardin-Simmons they will have trouble making the playoffs(if they don't win the conference). Because then they have to beat both LAX and WW right away in conference or they'll have no chance at the playoffs. I give them props for scheduling tough games and hope they win both of those games(then lose to LAX ;))


OOOOOOO shiny.
Well boys, I'm down south(Atlanta) missing the WIAC.  There is no D3 football in the city of Atlanta at all, basketball exists, but nothing but SEC and ACC football 'round these parts, y'all.
I am looking forward to listening to the UW-Oshkosh stream this fall and reading everybody's posts from all around the league. 


You guys seem to be farely educated but when it comes to predictions, you guys must of missed that class.  UW STOUT will win the conference @ 7-0 hands down


The Devils are going to smash Point, LaCrosse, WW, and anyone else who steps on their track.


Good thing you think we're farely educated because now we know you aren't even FAIRLY educated. Do you attend Stout?


HA HA that is hilarious.  Yeah he must attend Stout! 


Speaking of Stevens Point, I heard that their Safety, J.J. Chaudior really stepped it up this summer.  I heard he ran a 4.38 40 just recently. 


No guys, I don't go to Stout, but I just have a real good feeling about the Devils tearing up the competition.  I know one guy who is going to chew some teams up like a shark feasting on its prey. :) :) :)