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GoPerry, it is a shocking beat down -- I still think WC is a pretty good team when they play their game and focus on what is at hand.   

IWU had a good start against EU, which is not that good a team, but with some nice pace and speed.  IWU just has as much, if not more.  Sarah Balli had a breakout game for the Titans, scoring 18 off of all the running up and down.   

We'll know more soon about Ava Bardic's injury.   She's being evaluated today.   It would be a huge loss for the TITANS should she be out for an extended period.   Let's hope it is not too serious.

IWU has a big game hosting Carroll this Saturday. 

Well, the way Wheaton played tonight, they don't deserve the ORV votes.

Seems IWU still does.  Big win over Elmhurst tonight 101-71.  It was a run-up-and-down, track meet kind of game, with IWU often beating the EU pressure, with good decision-making, over the top passes and many easy layups.

For EU:

Bukata 19
Makuie 11

EU at 36%, 14% from three, 56% FTs  to go with 22 TOs and only 8 assists

For IWU:

Knutson 16 and 10
Huber 15 and 7
Powers 13 and 8
White 11
Sarah Balli with a breakout game, more minutes, the new Titan tonight in this role -- 18 points.

Bardic only 7 points in 9 minutes, as she was clobbered in the lane by a driving EU player about halfway through the first Q, went down badly in what looks to be a strained knee.  Let's really hope nothing worse.  She did not return and was on one crutch sitting on the bench the rest of the game.   If she is out for extended time, this would be a tremendously bad blow for the Titans.  She's been playing super well and is the leading IWU scorer so far through 8 games. 

The Titans only had 15 TOs, also 11 steals and a robust 25 assists.  Very good team play, ball movement to beat EU's pressure, often throwing it over the top for easy baskets.  The Titans basically matched Elmhurst's up tempo play and beat them at their own game. 

Rebounds tied at 48-48.

EU had a new five in about every 4-5 minutes.  So, if you want to play this up-and-down style vs. the Titans, you will probably lose bigtime.   Mallory Powers at full strength makes a tremendous difference to the IWU line-up.   Knutson with another strong game tonight.  Sawyer White did an excellent job at PG after Bardic went out with the injury.

Titans now at 6-2, 1-0.

IWU led in the game at Elmhurst for the first half, then gets blow out by 19 in the second half.  Tale of two periods.   

Final 90-73.   An ugly start to conference play for the Titans.

GoPerry, agree with you on early WC games, poor SOS etc., but I think Wheaton is pretty good this year.   Maybe being at #26th at this point is about right.   Everyone will be chasing Millikin.   They have so much back . . . and always Ms. Knudsen.   

IWU should win easily tonight vs. Elmhurst -- then an important, difficult test vs. Carroll where the Titans have really struggled in recent years.


Sorry Q, it was an upset.   The CCIW may be stronger than we think this year -- maybe not -- but hardly anyone thought Carthage would win that game.   

Wow, I think I'm reading the scoreboard right!

Carthage 77 #1 UW Whitewater 73.

Did I get that right?  :)

Sparty, thanks for your post.  I was also surprised to see IWU in the top 25 this week.  Of course, as an avid IWU loyalist, I was glad to see it, but would have thought Elmhurst or Carthage at this point the more deserving top-25 ranked team from the CCIW.   I'm not on social media much, so don't know what might be influencing the voters at this stage.  Yes, feel free to discuss.

As always with these things early in the season, we'll find out much more soon enough.  IWU plays at Elmhurst on Wednesday and we'll see who emerges at this stage out of the CCIW for possible placement in the top 25 in the coming few weeks. 

IWU is finding its identity now, playing much better defense and settling on a likely season-long starting line-up.  Rose does have lots of depth this year and has been playing a 11-12 person rotation so far.   The likely continuing starting line-up now I'm pretty sure will be:  Wilmsen, Roper, Sroka, Hakim Williams and Luke Yoder.  Others will be getting significant minutes and plenty of experience, in varying combinations and due to who has foul trouble, who is hot during a particular game.   

I'll be watching the other teams you mentioned as deserving top-25 entrants.

So right you are, Greg.  Underwater.

Congrats to Ms. Rangel.  Great week for her. 

First D3 poll out with games from this year.

Millikin at #16.  Wheaton and IWU in ORV -- WC at #26, IWU about #29 or so.  Maybe Carroll the sleeper. 

Looks like a strong year for CCIW women's hoops, a strong conference race.

First D3 poll out based on games this year:

IWU at #20, only CCIW team in top 25.  Carthage and Elmhurst in ORV.  North Park disappears.

IWU beat #11 Wash U by 26.  Strange.

Yes, Wilmsen does get to the "low post" at times, with his back to the basket, and within 5 feet of the basket.  He's pretty effective down there, perhaps more effective offensively than Schneider was being in the first 3-4 games, hence the change in the starting line-up.  And, Hakim Williams a better defender than Trey Bazzell on the perimeter, though not quite as good a three-point shooter.   Williams can also rebound and back people down into the post area and score from in close.  He's played very well in the last 2-3 games, especially defensively.  Unrelenting.  So, IWU starting five appears now to be:  Wilmsen, Sroka, Roper, H. Williams and Yoder.   Perhaps it will change given circumstances and opponents, but it worked well vs. Chicago.   Rose is still with a 11-12 player rotation, so lots of folks getting good minutes and playing experience, keeping everyone involved and fresh. 

Big game Wednesday at Elmhurst.

In the Midwest Challenge Championship game:

IWU 87, Wash U 80 in OT

A very tight, competitive game.

For Wash U:

McBeth 20
Harris 19
Goodwin 11

Wash U shooting 52%, 24% from three, 84 % FT

For IWU:

Bardic 27
Powers -- a breakout game for her -- 20 and 12, with key FTs in the OT
Huber 16 and 8
Palmer 10

IWU winning the steals line 9-5 and the TO line 26-16.  IWU shooting 42%, 29% from three, and 53% FTs.

Again, rather poor FT shooting at 53%, saved with good FT shooting late in the game by Powers and Bardic, when it counted most.

IWU winning the OT period 11-4.

Good wins for the Titans.   Bardic named tournament MVP and Powers on the All-tournament team.  You know you've had a good weekend when Huber plays her normal solid game with scoring and rebounding and she's not named to the All-tournament team.  Just say'n.

IWU now 5-2, heading into CCIW play this Wednesday hosting Elmhurst at The Shirk.

Way to go TITANS!  Congratulations on the tournament Championship.  :)

Glad to see the Board back up . . .  :)

Two good wins for IWU in Indiana on the weekend, winning the Midwest Challenge tournament at Rose Hulman.

First Game:

IWU 79, RHU 65

For RHU:

Black 16
Baum 14
Gallegos-Rodriguez 14 and 10
Reese 10

For IWU:

Palmer -- a breakout game for her -- 17 and 6 assists
Huber 15 and 11 with 5 assists, 4 steals
White 13
Knutson 10 and 6
Bardic 9

IWU winning the rebounding line 43-38, forcing 29 TOs, with 21 steals

Still poor FT shooting.  Something that really needs to be cleaned-up.

IWU over Chicago at the Shirk.

Ron Rose settling on a new starting line-up -- with Wilmsen and Hakim Williams starting . . . Schneider and Bazzell rotating in.  I think it is wise for more post offense and stronger perimeter defense.   Hakim Williams is playing very well just now.  Wilmsen rewarded Rose's decision with team-leading 20 points vs. Chicago.  He's a beast in the low post, vs. a very strong Chicago post player (both 6'9"), and also stepped out and hit two treys.

IWU now 4-2, starting league play Wednesday at Elmhurst.  That will be a very telling game to really see where the Titans are.

Glad the chat is back up.  Thanks to whomever did the fix'n. 

IWU to the Midwest Challenge in Terre Haute, IN this Saturday/Sunday.  Playing Rose Hulman at 2 p.m. on Saturday, then winner/loser of the DePauw-Wash U game on Sunday.  Always a very strong tournament, in its 30th year this time, maybe a bit weaker this year.   I'm looking for IWU to win it this year.  Go TITANS!