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Midwest Region / BB: Midwest All-Region
« on: April 19, 2008, 09:21:04 pm »
So I had a little time to kill but thought I would make an all region team as of right now-basically a list of guys to watch but only 1 player per position with 5 pitchers. I did this rather quickly and crudely so feel free to throw out other people that I most likely missed.

I mainly looked at average and slugging for hitters to be fair if some people played more games. I think most of the hitters have an average close to or above .400 and slugging above .650. Pitchers W/L, era, K/BB ratio.

C-  Doug Coe USP: .432 7 HRS
1B- Sean Claugherty CSS: .448 6 HRS
2B- Dan Kaczrowski Hamline: .469
3B- Nick Beaman Ripon: .424 6 HRS
SS- Justin Bushong USP: .398 5 HRS
3 OF-
                Chris Bullis UST: .613 avg
   Andrew Bennett Hamline: .412 6 HRS
   Storm Gram LaCrosse: .396 3HRS
5 SP-
   Peter Burg CSS: 6-0  3.01era 38/9 K/BB
   Jeremy Rubens UWO: 6-1 2.47era
   Adam Dominick UWW: 5-1 1.74era  38/6 K/BB
   Josh Roiger Hamline: 4-2 1.67era   53/7 K/BB
   Joe Lange Platteville: 3-1 1.69era 34/13 K/BB

Just to pick 3 Honorable mentions
Matt Pexa UST
Adam Frost St Norbert
Darrin Carlson CSS

Nice article on the front page sports of the USA today on teams in and around Minnesota getting the opportunity to play in the Metrodome. A Picture of St. Scholasticas game against Buena Vista is on the front page

Midwest Region / BB: Midwest Region
« on: February 18, 2007, 10:04:56 pm »
Is the midwest region the best in the nation?

With teams such as UW Whitewater, UW Stevens Point, St. Scholastica, St. Thomas, Ripon, St. Olaf, UW Oshkosh this may be one of the best regions if not the best. It seems like these teams are nationally ranked every year.

2005: Point, Whitewater,  Scholastica. Thomas all ranked in the top 20. Whitewater national champs
2006: Scholastica, Olaf, thomas, point,

2007: Point, Whitewater, St. Thomas, Olaf...other polls have ripon and scholastic ranked

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