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Who should be #1?

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Just trying to drum up some conversation while the snow sits on the ground.

Who should be the #1 team in pre-season poll?

Who should be #1 in each region?

New England 
New York 
South Region
Midwest Region
Mid-East Region
Mid-Atlantic Region
Central Region
West Region

For the South region I think it should be Shenandoah University.  They have JR 1B/P Van Sickler, JR CF Brashers, SR 3B Van Dusseldorp and SR SS Henry returning to form a great nucleus...and they can hit the lights out the ball. 

People ask me what I do in winter when there's no baseball. I'll tell you what I do. I stare out the window and wait for spring - Roger Hornsby

Big Poppa's Preseason Poll:

01 Wooster
02 St. Thomas
03 Salisbury
04 UW-Stevens Point
05 Eastern Connecticut
06 Heidelberg
07 Pomona-Pitzer
08 Chapman
09 Kean
10 Trinity (Conn.)
11 Adrian
12 Texas-Tyler
13 Southern Maine
14 Carthage
15 Wheaton (Mass.)
16 Millsaps
17 Keystone
18 Shenandoah
19 Cortland State
20 Marietta
21 Illinois Wesleyan
22 St. Olaf
23 Cal Lutheran
24 St. Scholastica
25 Beloit

Thoughts? How did I do? Before everyone jumps on me about Beloit, consider the fact that they return their ENTIRE team from last year's Regional qualifier. Texas-Tyler may be a bit high as well, but they usually find their way to the top by the end. I also get a funny feeling everytime I think of Stevens Point in 2010.

Carthage (my alma mater) is #5 in the Collegiate Baseball poll, but I do not see them as that strong yet. They have young, un-proven pitching that needs to step up before I bump them up (Two all-americans from last year are not back in 2010... one transferred and one had surgery. All the weight falls on Jr. Mario Perez).

Chapman lost a ton of talent from last season's squad to graduation, the MLB Draft and transfers out of the program. Their Freshmen DH, Ben Owens, transferred to Fullerton JC. How quickly the Panthers can reload could determine their success in 2010.

Mine wouldn't be too different. My top five?

All conjecture, but we disagree on:
Shenandoah (top 10)
Rose-Hulman (I like ... a lot)
RPI (see above)
Tyler (not top 25 to me)
Millsaps (see above)
Pomona (much lower than you)

My radar has Whitewater, Wash & Jeff and St. Joe's (ME). I like the Beloit nod, btw.


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