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2010 regional winners?

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--- Quote from: Just Bill on May 22, 2010, 10:46:10 am ---You've got 500+ posts and probably 100+ in the last two weeks, but you're sure it was THIS post cost you Karma?

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I guess you're right.  I thought I was pretty harmless so far.  :)

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Hey RSSmith,

The Blue Jays are really looking nasty now, and hopefully without jinksing them, look to be filthy in Wisconsin.

Here is your +k back for all the great info and stats provided this year, very much appreciated.

Will be rooting for JHU and UMB going forward 8-)

Mid-East winner is Heidelberg over Marietta, 6-2.
See you all in Grand Chute.

Mr. Ypsi:
Since no scoring system was specified in the pickems it is hard to say, but I think I must be doing pretty well.  One or more of my top two finished in the top two in all 8 regions.

I picked the winner in New York (Cortland) and the West (Linfield).  In the Midwest, my #1 placed #2 (UWW).  In New England, my #2 finished #2 (Tufts).  In the Midwest (Heidi and Marietta) and South (Salisbury and Shenandoah), my #1 was #2 AND my #2 was #1.  And tomorrow I've got both JHU (#1) and Kean (#2) in the Mid-Atlantic and IWU (#1) in the Central.

So how IS this contest scored, anyway?! :D


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