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BB: Predictions of who will win the 2010 Division III National Championship

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   its cortland state time to win i am not up to date on the other teams but i feel its their time call it a hunch or prove it by numbers i think its not the very best team they ever had but i think they have what it will take good chemistry, sound fundamentals and their time to win it all i hope i am right

I'll take UWSP and unfortunately for you Cortland plays them first round.  Point is on a roll and plays top competition during the season which will give them the advantage.  They have 2 great pitchers to choose from in Delorit and Williams.  It's not going to be easy I know Cortland can hit but I think Point's sticks will hit whoever Cortland puts out there.

I like UWSP over Cortland St. in the first round. My complete predictions are on the threat of the division 3 world series

Go Cortland!
Cortland has heart, great chemistry, talent.
Playing 7 of the best in the country, will it be enough?  Maybe...

Hello all

Winning the RING oh what I know after ten years folloeing D3 Baseball. Its a Very Very special and a Very Very  BHard thing not only to predict but to win. Being a Chapman Booster I can say its not about the best team its about the team that has a little Baseball God looking out for them.  Its about 8 great teams playing a winner take all (the Ring) . After seeing Chapman make the Championship for 7 out of the last ten years The Ring has gone up in Value. I respect all Champions as do I respect The 2003 Team from Chapman the best team dosnt always win. However thats not what the ring is about its about taking advantage of the oppertunity that the NCAA has given our kids . Today I called my son and asked him what does that ring mean now. He said its the most valued possision other then his family. Its not given its earned by some great students great coaching great parenting and a whole lot of Baseball Luck.  Playing the game the right way and some breaks. I remember 03 Timm got sick the weather was as if we were in So Cal a baseball god break. I remenber 05 rain delays hurt our ability to compete Baseball gods luck to the cold weather teams.. Be proud and thank God you get the oppertunity to win the RING. Good luck to all of the teams that earned the right to win THE RING.


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